Lordeco Inc.

810 Covey Hill, Havelock, QC

Manufacturer of wall decor products for assembling pieces of fabric. Create easily and rapidly original decorative and acoustical, stretched fabric wall panels. Assemble pieces of fabric using the Lordco Method and Gripping-bands. Quick gripping, ...

Ironworks International Inc.

21 Industrial Dr., Havelock, ON

Ironworks International (IWI), has quickly developed a reputation for innovative designs of quality attachments. Every order is a custom order. Turnaround time is 10 to 15 days. Surprisingly, over 90% of products are exported to U.S. ...

Operation Creation Ltd.

17 Industrial Rd., Havelock, ON

Lafarge Canada Inc.

4877 Route 880, Havelock, NB

Havelock Feed Co. Ltd.

32 Back St., Havelock, NB

Galitech Electronics Inc.

25 Ottawa St., Havelock, ON

Over 15 years experience of contract manufacturing in the assembly of electronic circuit boards. Our typical turn around on assembly, is usually within 2 weeks. If you require something fast, we can assemble your boards in 1 or 2 days*.

Unimin Canada Ltd.

County Rd. 46, Havelock, ON

Graymont (NB) Inc.

4634 Route 880, Havelock, NB

Calcined and hydrated lime production Lime, quick - lime, hydrated