Symetrix Protection Inc.

3580, rue Isabelle Bureau 100, Brossard, QC

Verso Technologies Canada Inc

4105-D, boul. Matte, Brossard, QC

Dyno Nobel Canada Inc.

6300, rue Auteuil Suite 410, Brossard, QC

Dutal Inc.

9610-P, rue Ignace, Brossard, QC

Les Produits Naturels Leblanc Inc.

3635-B, rue Isabelle, Brossard, QC

Woodpro Inc.

3150, rue Bernard, Brossard, QC

Woodpro is a company that specialize in manufacturing maintenance products for hardwood floors. We have cleaners, refinishers, cleaning mop, wood filler, terry clothe.

C.M.P. MaGaDa Int'l

610-9575 Illinois Ave., Brossard, QC

We supply customers world wide with compact discs, dvd, video product from all sources, major & independant labels alike. If it is available in Canada we will source it for you.