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Quebec City, QC G2K 2K8

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Zins Beauchesne and Associates

A Specialized Consulting Group

The Firm

Zins Beauchesne and Associates, a member of Groupe Secor, is one of Quebec's leading firms in the fields of market research,
marketing analysis and strategic planning. Established in 1983,
the firm has grown to include about thirty marketing
professionals who work in its Montreal and Quebec City offices.

Zins Beauchesne offers its client organizations a dynamic team
of well-seasoned experts in all proven methods of data
gathering, analysis, forecasting, decision-making and management, at every levels of strategic, marketing and organizational planning.

A Distinctive, Integrative Approach

The mission Zins Beauchesne and Associates has set for itself is
to provide client organizations with all the elements required
to make sound marketing decisions and to develop, plan and
implement the right marketing strategies. Over the years, the
firm has gained an enviable reputation for the competence,
discretion, confidentiality and personalized services it offers.
Zins Beauchesne is renowned for its expertise in the fields of
marketing research, strategic market analysis, and adjustment
strategies among a large number of businesses and organizations
operating in Quebec, North America, and around the world. It
develops strategies and programs for corporate growth, strategic
positioning, and new targeted market penetration.

Zins Beauchesne and Associates succeeds in achieving much more than surveys: it implements integrated support systems for
marketing-oriented corporate decision-making that meets the
objectives of today's businesses.

Beyond Market Research and Marketing Planning Extensive
consulting work in management and marketing has led
the Zins Beauchesne team to attain the high level of experience
needed to solve complex marketing problems and implement
sophisticated operational marketing programs.

The consulting work of Zins Beauchesne and Associates, along
with the firm's involvement in devising management models and
marketing structures, has earned its team a vast experience in
the area of marketing-related problem analysis, and in drafting
operational programs applied to marketing issues. These go well
beyond what the usual studies have to offer. Zins Beauchesne's
rigorous approach and methodologies concretely address how the
strategies and programs it recommends should be implemented.

State-of-the-art Installations and Methodology

Zins Beauchesne and Associates operates extensive data
collection facilities to carry out either qualitative or
quantitative research assignments: focus group installations
(observation rooms with two-way mirrors, live closed-circuit
viewing for clients, video recording equipment) and a
computerized telephone survey centre equipped to conduct surveys
all over North America.

Surveys carried out by Zins Beauchesne and Associates call upon
a team of over 60 interviewers. Computer-assisted interviewing
technology allows for instant data entry, while monitoring
procedures as surveys are being administered ensures constant
quality control over results. Zins Beauchesne uses
state-of-the-art software to process data banks and prepare,
upon request, tailor-made graphics presentations.

Zins Beauchesne and Associates is regularly entrusted with data
collection assignments for Canada as a whole, North America and
abroad. While installations may be rented in various parts of
the world, Zins Beauchesne personnel always plan, co-ordinate,
supervise and analyze the results.

Once customized to specific consulting and research needs, the
different interview techniques of Zins Beauchesne and Associates
meet the most rigorous scientific standards as can be applied to
marketing research and social studies.

Fields of Expertise

Zins Beauchesne offers any organization that wishes to evaluate
and develop its activities a whole range of assistance and
consulting services, including:
-Marketing research: qualitative and quantitative;
-Strategic analysis of the business environment;
-Market and industry analysis;
-Feasibility studies;
-Sector-based studies;
-Market studies;
-Opportunity studies;
-Organizational assessment;
-Corporate strategic planning;
-Marketing strategies;
-Strategic marketing planning;
-Development plans;
-Organizational development;
-Decision-making information systems;
-Project and program evaluation;
-International development planning;
-New products management.

Zins Beauchesne and Associates are active in many areas of economic, social, and cultural activity:
-Food industry;
-Economic development;
-Media and culture;
-Consumer products and services;
-Industrial products and services;
-Forest products;
-Health care and social services;

Conducting many projects in various fields of expertise has
enabled Zins Beauchesne's team to acquire experience in national
and international markets.

Zins Beauchesne and Associates provides expert know-how and
experience to leaders and decision makers in all kinds of
organizations. With a passion for challenge and work well done,
they enable management to successfully direct their respective
units and projects. Working with the Zins Beauchesne team of
consultants can help management to:
-Gain a better understanding of the environment, the market and
the industry in which their business operates;
-Forecast the evolution of external forces and their impact on
the future of their organization;
-Decide on the best strategies and means to reach corporate
-Plan for the required decisions and actions, and their
successful implementation;
-Evaluate the projects and programs that have already been
-Make recommendations to close any discrepancy between
objectives and results;
-Restructure the organization to make it more efficient and
-Monitor the execution and performance of strategies and plans.

Company Details

Year Established: 1983

Total Sales ($CDN): $1,000,000 - $5,000,000

Number of Employees: 25

Company Information

Pierre Rochon
Title: Vice President
Area of Responsibility: Management Executive
Telephone: (418) 626-2360
Fax: (418) 626-1423
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Michel Zins
Title: President
Area of Responsibility: Management Executive
Telephone: (418) 626-2360
Fax: (418) 626-1423
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Marketing Research


Education And Training Services - Executive/Management Development

Education And Training Services - International Trade

Education And Training Services - Retail Operations

Education And Training Services - Sales/Marketing

Education And Training Services - Tourism/Hospitality

Education And Training Services - Planning

Education And Training Services - Analysis

Education And Training Services - Design

Education And Training Services - Methodology Assessement

Education And Training Services - Evaluation And Validation

Education And Training Services - Needs Assessement Studies

Education And Training Services - Curriculum Design

Education And Training Services - Training Program Delivery

Education And Training Services - Training Of Trainers

Strategic Analysis Of The Environment Strategic Analysis of the Environment -Prospective analysis of the relevant aspects of the firm's environment; -Technological forecasting; -Analysis of future evolution (scenarios); -Analysis and management of strategic issues facing the firm; -Development of pro-active strategies to influence, or adapt to, the environment.

Market And Industry Analysis Market and Industry Analysis -Market analysis and segmentation; -Analysis of needs and motivations in the market; -Evaluation of the future of the industry; -Analysis of the structure of the industry; -Identification of growth sectors; -Evaluation of development opportunities; -Analysis of levels of competition; -Strategic analysis of the competition; -Analysis of the of the firm's strategic positioning; -Development of global strategies for expanding the firm's operations and market.

Corporate Strategic Planning Corporate Strategic Planning -Analysis and evaluation of corporate mission; -Definition and evaluation of strategies for : diversification; upstream or downstream integration; acquisitions; -research and development; -location and distribution; -Implementation and evaluation of the firm's strategies.

Strategic Marketing Planning Strategic Marketing Planning -Determination of target market(s); -Definition of marketing objectives; -Definition, analysis, implementation and evaluation of marketing strategies; -Definition and evaluation of positioning strategies; -Elaboration of strategic marketing plans; -Elaboration of annual marketing plans; -Conception and implementation of marketing program controls systems; -Management of products portfolios; -Development of new markets; -Elaboration of pricing strategies and policies; -Elaboration of communications, advertising and promotional strategies and programs; -Elaboration of distribution strategies; -Planning of order processing; -Management of sales and sales forces.

Organizational Development Organizational Development -Analysis and evaluation of organizational structures; -Analysis of organizational culture and climate; -Functional analysis of organizations; -Organizational development strategies; Strategic structuring; -Organizational adaptation to the environment; -Training and motivation; -Organizational problem solving; -Management models and systems; -Communications models and systems.

Decision Support System Decision-Support System -Analysis of strategic information needs; -Identification and evaluation of information; -Development and implementation of decision-making support systems; -Development and implementation of strategic data banks; -Differential access to strategic information.

International Expansion International Expansion Planning -Analysis and evaluation of international markets; -Development of global strategies for international expansion; -Export strategies; -International marketing planning; -International licensing; -Consortiums and joint ventures; -Distribution agreements; -Foreign investments.

Management Consultant - Corporate Management/Organization

Management Consultant - Market Analysis/Planning/Research

Management Consultant - Development Studies Management - Tourism

Management Consultant - Development Studies/Mgmt - Commercial Dvlmt

Management Consultant - Development Studies/Mgmt - Technology

Management Consultant - Training

Management Consultant - Development Studies/Mgmt - Resource Mgmt