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Company Overview
In todays world corporations face a multitude of security challenges. Corporations can be vulnerable to a variety of attacks, threats and antagonists. These include workplace violence, threats from ex-employees, militant environmentalists, theft of proprietary information and acts of sabotage.

Such corporations require an objective security solutions company working with them. V.I.P. has a team of government-trained professionals who are able to manage situations with the proficiency under difficult and at times sensitive circumstances.

V.I.P.. has invaluable experience in helping executives live their lives in a safe and secure environment, freeing executives from complex security problems that can plague a business and leaving them to concentrate on the corporate tasks at hand.

V.I.P. was founded to operate within the higher echelons of corporate security as a supplier of specialized business services to corporations worldwide. V.I.P. offers an array of security and information services, as well as video/digital surveillance equipment, to assure corporations and individuals the best available professional service.

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Marc Sand
Title: Chief Executive Officer
Telephone: (519) 670-6937
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