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Universit du Qubec Montral - UQAM


Universit du Qubec Montral (UQAM) was founded on 9 April
1969 by the Government of Qubec. Over its quarter of a century
of existence, UQAM has grown at a spectacular rate and
established a sound reputation.

Teaching, Research, and Creative Endeavour

In addition to offering some 190 bachelor's, master's, and
doctoral programs in most traditional fields, (Management, Law
and Politics, Literature, Language and Communication, Social
Sciences, Sciences Arts and Education), UQAM has taken an
innovative approach in creating new fields of study and research
in Qubec, such as environmental science; environmental health,
the relationship betweem science, technology, and the society;
communications, multimedia and; tourism management; and many
others, including management science, education science, and
feminist studies.

Among these 189 programs, several are unique in Quebec and are
highly regarded throughout Canada. They include

Ph.D.s in :
- Environemental sciences
- Semiotics (the only one of its kind in Quebec)
- Art studies and practices
- Urban studies

Masters in
- Accountig
- Software engineering
- Executive MBAs
- Data processing and computer science
- Tourism
- Environmental health and toxicology
- International Law
- Molecular biologie
- Dance
- Atmospheric sciences

And also
- Diploma in management consulting (graduate program)
- Bachelor in science, technoly and society
- Certificate in intercultural education

UQAM's growth in creative research has been phenomenal. In ten
years, research funding has risen from $10 to $27 million, the
major part of this amount coming from outside sources, such as
governmental granting agencies. UQAM encourages multidisciplinary
research, the grouping of activities, and the pooling of
resources in setting up researcher support structures, such as
research laboratories and centres.These highly successful
organizations foster researcher collaboration with both the
private and public sectors through teaching and research chairs,
which are financed either by national research councils or by
private and public sources.

UQAM has also created two institutes in areas in which it has
recognized expertise and two schools the Institute for
Environmental Science, the Institute for Feminist Research and
Studies, the School of Management Science, and the Montreal
Higher School of Fashion.


As part of its contribution to economic development, UQAM has
forged links with industry and business. The University has
carried out many research projects in collaboration with the
private sector. Through its tailored training, UQAM provides
groups of adults in business with non-credit educational
activities that meet specific training needs left unanswered by
regular programs. The University's many graduates further
strengthen ties to the socioeconomic community.

UQAM fosters interuniversity collaboration through the creation
of joint programs with other universities in the province in an
effort to pool their human and financial resources, and to ensure
that their programs are complementary. In addition, UQAM is
highly active in international cooperation, with a vast array of
research and teaching activities in industrialized and developing

University Population

UQAM's student body of nearly 40,000 - 60% of which are women -
faculty numbering 1000, 1200 lecturers, and staff of 1400 make
the University a city within the city.

UQM on the web :

http://www.esg.uqam.ca/ (School of Management)
http://www.unites.uqam.ca/fcomm/ (Faculty of Litterature,
Languages and Communication)
http://www.unites.uqam.ca/visite/index.html (Faculty of Sciences)
http://saturne.info.uqam.ca/ (Department of Computer Sciences)
http://www.unites.uqam.ca/dsbio/ (Department of Biology)
http://www.er.uqam.ca/nobel/ise/wwwise.html (Institue of
Environmental Studies)
http://www.unites.uqam.ca/medu/ (Master in Education)

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