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UPS Supply Chain Solutions

UPS Supply Chain Solutions offers more than eight decades of expertise designing, implementing and managing customized supply chain solutions to clients worldwide. From multi-modal transport and freight forwarding, customs clearance, international trade and logistics consulting, to designing facilities, handling distribution, managing inventory and returns, UPS Supply Chain Solutions streamlines commerce for enhanced business performance.

UPS Supply Chain Solutions is also ISO 9002 certified and operates a worldwide network of 750 facilities in more than 100 countries, with over 150 locations throughout Canada and at the U.S. northern border to serve your supply chain needs.

Freight management
Air and Ocean Freight Forwarding
Canadian Customs Brokerage and Consulting
US Customs Brokerage
North American Transportation
Information Services, E.D.I.
Project Management
Supply Chain Management
Global Integrated Logistics

At UPS Supply Chain Solutions our absolute dedication to service excellence provides access to truly integrated offerings and results in a higher level of efficiency throughout the entire supply chain. No matter how big or small your logistics needs are, we are committed to making the supply chain as efficient as possible.

Company Details

Year Established: 1924

Total Sales ($CDN): $50,000,000 +

Number of Employees: 975

Company Information

Eve-lyne Bouchard
Title: Director
Telephone: (514) 285-1500
Fax: (514) 845-1581
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Freight Forwarder - Mark Shipments

Freight Forwarder - Cargo Inspection

Freight Forwarder - Materials Handling

Freight Forwarder - Consulting-customs

Freight Forwarder - Consulting-foreign Requirements

Freight Forwarder - Consulting-transportation

Freight Forwarder - Projects-onsite Personnel(labour/Supervision)

Freight Forwarder - Tracing

Freight Forwarder - Distribution Of Goods At Destination Country

Freight Forwarder - Routing-air Freight

Freight Forwarder - Routing-sea Freight

Freight Forwarder - Routing-highway

Freight Forwarder - Routing-intermodal

Freight Forwarder - Negotiate Rates-air Freight

Freight Forwarder - Negotiate Rates-sea Freight

Freight Forwarder - Negotiate Rates-highway

Freight Forwarder - Negotiate Rates-intermodal

Freight Forwarder - Freight Rate Quotations-air Freight

Freight Forwarder - Freight Rate Quotations-sea Freight

Freight Forwarder - Freight Rate Quotations-highway

Freight Forwarder - Freight Rate Quotations-intermodal

Freight Forwarder - Book/Reserve Transportation-air Freight

Freight Forwarder - Book/Reserve Transportation-sea Freight

Freight Forwarder - Book/Reserve Transportation-highway

Freight Forwarder - Book/Reserve Transportation-intermodal

Freight Forwarder - Charters-sea Freight

Freight Forwarder - Charters-intermodal

Freight Forwarder - Consolidations-air Freight

Freight Forwarder - Consolidations-sea Freight

Freight Forwarder - Consolidations-highway

Freight Forwarder - Consolidations-intermodal

Freight Forwarder - Deconsolidations-air Freight

Freight Forwarder - Deconsolidations-sea Freight

Freight Forwarder - Deconsolidations-highway

Freight Forwarder - Deconsolidations-intermodal

Freight Forwarder - Prepare Shipping Documents

Freight Forwarder - Prepare Customs Documents

Freight Forwarder - Prepare Consular Documents

Freight Forwarder - Obtain Documentation-permits

Freight Forwarder - Obtain Documentation-licenses

Freight Forwarder - Obtain Documentation-certificates

Freight Forwarder - Translate Documents

Freight Forwarder - Certify Documents

Freight Forwarder - Transmit Documents

Freight Forwarder - Account Collections

Freight Forwarder - Negotiate/Open Letters Of Credit

Freight Forwarder - Place Insurance

Freight Forwarder - Claims Filing Assistance

Freight Forwarder - Pre-pay/Collect Freight Charges

Freight Forwarder - Pay Traffic Services

Freight Forwarder - Pay Duties And Taxes

Freight Forwarder - Pay Misc. Fees

Freight Forwarder - Consulting-government Regulations

Freight Forwarder - Consulting-customs Brokerage Consulting Audit of import files for possible recoveries Preparation of Customs refunds Preparation of Duty Drawback claims Request for machinery remission Seizure appeals Study for Tariff classification NAFTA and WTO rules and regulation Appeals to the Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT) Consulting and expertise Presenting our clients with various governmental departments involved with the importation and exportation of your goods

Freight Forwarder - Projects-logistics Project Management UPS Supply Chain Solutions offers a portfolio of door-to-door turnkey services to manage large-scale projects. We can assist in all phases of a project move. Pre-planning Staging Sourcing Customs packing Consolidation Distribution Documentation Customs brokerage Insurance UPS Supply Chain Solutions Network Reflecting our commitment to seeing a project through from conception to completion, we routinely develop detailed contingency plans to meet changing external conditions. We also work with our project clients to assess project risk, measure performance and evaluate asset deployment and potential opportunities. We have a global network of offices and an integrated computer system connected via the Internet to ensure that all parties involved are fully informed as to the project status and can receive regular updates and reports no matter what the location.

Freight Forwarder - Air Freight Global commitments and space pre-booking agreements with major air carriers Strong buying power resulting in the most competitive pricing Comprehensive documentation issuance: E.D.I. (electronic data interchange) ensuring immediate and accurate transmission of information Negotiation of letters of credit Intervention with consulates, chambers of commerce and government agencies - bank shipments - direct collection order Regular consolidations to and from Europe, the Far East, Australia and South America Handling of special time sensitive shipments - 7 days a week On time departure and arrival of cargo in accordance with our clients' needs Responsive personalized services. All our clients, large and small, receive the same high standard of service. Latest state-of-the-art communication network Total control of shipments from point of origin to final destination Tracking & tracing system Direct flow of communication to our clients Charter Services Full Customer Service Department Commitment to best of class global integrated logistics practices

Freight Forwarder - Sea Freight Space commitments through service contracts with major carriers Dedicated global intermodal operations Warehousing, assembly and distribution services NVOCC services, including LCL consolidations worldwide Automated cargo and document tracking system Comprehensive documentation and banking services Vessel booking services Electronic Data Interchange with clients and carriers.

Freight Forwarder - Us Customs Brokerage Border clearances at 21 locations EDS software for export document preparation ASIST Consultation service U.S. Customs Audit NAFTA U.S. Customs regulations E.D.I. capabilities Comprehensive Drawback Services Line release T.I.B. (Temporary Importation Bond) Re-forwarding and distribution Pick and pack services

Freight Forwarder - Brokerage-canadian Customs Brokerage Electronic entry processing. Client defined reports. Import electronic bulletin board Release of goods at all customs ports in Canada Release obtained via line release system PARS and FIRST Validation of Customs documentation Confirmation of entry via CADEX (Customs Automated Data Exchange) Preparation of importer profile accessible by all offices ensuring uniformity of operations and tariff classification Non resident importer team Each customer is assigned to a dedicated team of professionals for personalized service On-Site coordinator Temporary importation Warehouse entries-Bonded Import permits Implementation team

Freight Forwarder - Global Integrated Logistics UPS Supply Chain Solutions is a client driven organization and believes that being a leader in integrated transportation logistics also means being able to provide superior service to its clients and distinguishes itself from its competitors. With our worldwide network of over 750 facilities, our mission is to provide complete solutions to our clients' integrated transportation logistics needs. Over the years, UPS Supply Chain Solutions has developed Integrated Logistics programs to manage our customers' transportation, customs clearance and warehousing and distribution activities. These programs are specifically tailored to meet each customer's sourcing and distribution needs. The implementation of these programs often includes the integration of the company's information systems with those of its clients and in some cases, the stationing of the company personnel at the client's offices (ie. On-Site Coordinators). These services complement the international process of movement of goods. International Transportation (Air and Ocean) Freight Management Project Cargo Canadian Customs Brokerage and Consulting U.S. Border Clearances and Domestic Services North American Transportation Technology

Freight Forwarder - Freight Management Freight management is a value added transportation service in which UPS Supply Chain Solutions assists the customer with all facets of their international transportation needs. In essence, we become an extension of the customer's traffic department. Remote information reporting capabilities effectively control and monitor cargo movements to achieve client goals.

Freight Forwarder - International Transportation Expedited air freight - import and export Consolidated air freight - import and export Less than container load ocean freight (LCL) - import and export Full container load ocean freight (FCL) - import and export Project Logistics Management Documentation and Letter of Credit Consultation Integrated Logistics Management Services Full EDI capabilities Internet E-mail access for routings, bookings and communication Computer generated software documentation and statistical reporting On-line worldwide communications systems Marine Insurance Door-to-door transportation including DDU or DDP requirements

Freight Forwarder - North American Transportation Direct scheduled trailer services to and from major cities Air freight export and import Courier LTL services Full truckloads Document Preparation Combined invoice (freight and brokerage) Insurance Over-dimensional freight Local Canadian domestic pick up and delivery Distribution and cross docking Assembly services

Freight Forwarder - Duty Drawback Of the estimated three billion dollars a year available through import duty rebates, known as duty drawback refunds, less than one-third is actually claimed by U.S. exporters. UPS Supply Chain Solutions retrieves tens of millions of dollars annually in import duties on behalf of U.S. companies that subsequently export merchandise originally imported. Our dedicated drawback representatives specialize in implementing and managing drawback programs that maximize dollar recoveries and ensure the highest degree of regulatory compliance. Our proprietary drawback software systems automate the entire claims filing process, which can significantly reduce the administrative burden required to support a drawback program.

Freight Forwarder - Domestic Air Freight Forwarding Within the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, we provide the same vast resources and expertise as we do Internationally. Our multiple option system ranging from same day service to deferred, five-day delivery is designed to handle routine freight, the most time-sensitive products and all of our clients' requirements in between.

Freight Forwarder - Documentation And Letter Of Credit Services EXPORT DOCUMENTATION SERVICES Export bookings, pricing inquiries and shipment tracing can be communicated via the Internet to almost any UPS Supply Chain Solutions company office around the world. Booking confirmations, bill of lading preparation, certificates of origin, cargo receipts, proof of delivery receipts, country specific documentation Verification of customer generated proforma invoices, commercial invoices, packing lists, NAFTA certificates and letter of credit applications Tracking reports for large volume shippers UPS Supply Chain Solutions export documentation software (EDS) and statistical report generation LETTER OF CREDIT SERVICES Evaluation of customers' protection and ability to meet the letter of credit criteria Letter of credit presentation to the beneficiary's corresponding banking institution Legalization and certification of documents through Embassy and Board of Trade offices Advice on alternate payment options for safe and timely international payments Knowledge from our professional staff on commodity industries and normal international business practices

Freight Forwarder - Cargo Insurance Complete insurance coverage on import and export cargo through a comprehensive all-risk, open policy A track record of low loss / claim ratio Protection against: perils of the sea fire pilferage war and strikes non delivery caused by damage in transit general average A cost effective insurance program specific to your exact importing an exporting needs Reporting, monitoring and actual execution of a claim and consequent reimbursement Analysis of special commodity specific rates and requirement of coverage (terms of sale and purchase) Full global door to door coverage (unless prohibited by law)

Freight Forwarder - Global Ocean CANADA UPS Supply Chain Solutions provides client-driven service to Canadian importers and exporters in the areas of ocean freight forwarding, consolidation and freight management services. Using our global network (see UPS Supply Chain Solutions web page, we provide weekly sailings between Canada, Europe, Asia and South America. We also offer a variety of service options for the shipment of full container-load and LCL cargo. NORTH AMERICA On water as in the air, UPS Supply Chain Solutions provides comprehensive services that control costs and streamline the shipping process. As the largest ocean freight forwarder in North America, UPS Supply Chain Solutions completes more than 250,000 ocean shipments each year for our clients. We have a commitment to customer service, which is underscored by our offices in ports worldwide. UPS Supply Chain Solutions offers a variety of value-added services that address the full spectrum of our clients' transportation-related needs. We also offer a variety of service options for the shipment of full container-load and LCL cargo. Space commitments through service contracts with major carriers Dedicated global intermodal operations Warehousing, assembly and distribution services NVOCC services, including LCL consolidations worldwide Automated cargo and document tracking system Comprehensive documentation and banking services Vessel booking services Electronic Data Interchange with clients and carriers.

Freight Forwarder - Freight Payment And Audit Through our comprehensive Freight Payment Program, UPS Supply Chain Solutions' clients can easily review management reports from the audit, processing and payment of freight invoices. A flexible system designed to meet a variety of needs, these reports provide accurate cost allocation information and help reduce processing and payment costs for our clients.

Freight Forwarder - Export Packing And Crating UPS Supply Chain Solutions provides export packing, marshalling and consolidation services at facilities located around the globe. As your logistics partner, we provide positive identification, control, protection and tracking of equipment and materials processed through our facilities.

Customs Brokerage/Freight Forwarding