Texel Inc.

Address: 485 Des rables St
Saint-Elzar, QC G0S 2J0

Mailling Address: 485 Des rables St
Saint-Elzar, QC G0S 2J0

Phone: (418) 387-5910

Fax: (418) 387-4326

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Website: http://texel.qc.ca

Texel Inc.

Founded in 1967, Texel is one of Canada's largest manufacturers
of needled nonwoven fabrics. Texel employs a large number of
people in its Canadian and American operations.
Texel is a proud member in good standing of the 2000 SATRA ,
Footwear Technology centre.
Texel has received many awards including the '1998 Quality
award' from the HH Brown Supplier appreciation Diner (for
footwear products). Also in the footwear division , Texel
received the award for the '1996 Most Valued Partner Award' with
the Double H Company.
Since 1998 Texel Canada is certified ISO 9001.

On the international scene, our company is active in five

Nonwoven fabrics for the footwear industry

Industrial nonwoven fabrics

Nonwoven filters



Clients looking for a precision-design fabric can count on Texel
for the highest quality, thanks to a highly skilled production
staff and to our extremely versatile production equipment.
yet, Texel's attention to find detail takes every job a step
further for an original solution that produces truly outstanding

Company Details

Year Established: 1967

Total Sales ($CDN): $10,000,000 - $25,000,000

Number of Employees: 200

Company Information

Andr Bdard
Title: Vice President
Area of Responsibility: Domestic Sales & Marketing, Export Sales & Marketing
Telephone: (418) 387-5910
Fax: (418) 387-4326

Serge Roy
Title: Vice-prsident, Oprations
Area of Responsibility: Manufacturing/Production/Operations
Telephone: (418) 387-5910
Fax: (418) 387-4326
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Grard Scheubel
Title: Vice President
Area of Responsibility: Research/Development/Engineering
Telephone: (418) 387-5910
Fax: (418) 387-4326
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Alain Ouzilleau
Title: Vice President
Area of Responsibility: Management Executive
Telephone: (418) 387-5910
Fax: (418) 387-4326

Jeannot Marcoux
Title: Marketing
Telephone: (418) 387-5910
Fax: (418) 387-4326

Mentina Tabellione
Title: Adjointe Administrative
Telephone: (418) 387-5910
Fax: (418) 387-4326
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Felt, Footwear

Felt, Fabric, Pressed, Wool Or Hair

Felt, Textile, Needled Or Needle Punched

Panels, Soil Drainage, Plastic

Textile Fabricated Materials Nes
Partnership for growth In industry, the possibilities for nonwoven fabrics are virtually limitless. In most cases, however, the non-woven fabric must meet highly specific need. Such needs can vary enormously, depending on the product, the market and the customer. This calls for close collaboration between researchers and marketing experts. All of which is good news for Texel customers since our sales professionals are extremely knowledgeable in evaluating and identifying these specific needs... and the creativity of our research and development group has no limits. Texel nonwoven fabrics are important components in a number of industries notably apparel, absorbant, sporting goods, steel mills, electrical appliances and transportation. The vast majority of our industrial products are developed in partnership with our customers, and sold to them on exclusive terms. And we are proud to say the attention we give to their needs provides enormous, long term benefits for all concerned.

Fabric, Filter, Polyester, Industrial Use

Fabric, Filter, Industrial Use
Felt for many industrial applications. The efficient fabric Filtration is a market where Texel's technical capacity is especially strong. Our nonwoven filter media have demonstrated their effectiveness in the filtration of both liquids and gases. Texel products, with porosity calibrated for the filtration of liquids, are used in the auto industry, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and in food processing. When it comes to air filters, Texel offers a line of nonwoven media for dust filtration systems used in mines, foundries, aluminum smelters, incinerators and other industrial facilities. You'll find Texel on the leading edge of today's most advanced filtration technologies, where we have developed a complete line of high performance products for trapping particles as fine 0.1 micron () in diameter. At Texel, there's no technical aspect so fine we can't match it, and make it work for you. With years of experience in filtration, Texel Inc. is a partner you can count on.

Felt, Geotextile
The new horizons Over the past few years, Texel has been down on the farm and out in the garden, applying our considerable knowledge of nonwoven fabrics to meet today's agricultural and horticultural needs. As a result, nurseries, greenhouses, farmers, landscape contractors, and even home gardeners are now better equipped than ever to lend Mother Nature a helping hand. Nursery growers were looking for a material that would let them grow better, stronger, healthier young trees. Texel developed a product called Tex-R to control root growth and provide a more flexible operations. Used as a groundcover, Tex-R effectively prevents weeds from taking root. In 1994, this product won the prize for innovation awarded by Canadian Textile Federation. Texel has also contributed by improving composting techniques with Compostex mulch cover, which allows rain and exterior moisture to run off while letting air in and gases out. Besides providing faster composting, Compostex can be used along manure windrows or any other substrate and lessen the risk of environmental contamination. In today's greenhouses, you will find another Texel innovation called a capillary mat, which is used to help reduce the quantity of water and fertilizer conventionally required for growing potted flowers and plants sets. At Texel we've also developed a series of specialty protective coverings for plants and vegetation in winter. Among our proven successes are Arbotex and Arbotex Combined for plants and shrubs, Arbotex Plasticized for rosebushes, Soltex for lawns, Golftex Pro for golf courses and Arbo-Pro for containers areas in nurseries. As part of Texel's ongoing commitment to meeting client needs, we've also designed and made drainage filter fabrics for residential and agricultural field, anti-erosion mats and other products for new agrotextiles applications.

Interlining felt.

Filter Element, Industrial, Nes
Non woven needlepunches used for liquid, air and dust filtration.

Special Construction Fabrics Nes
Versatile, world-class performance In 1976, Texel became Canada's first manufacturer of geosynthetic fabrics. Despite the extremely com-plex engineering problems involved, our engineers and technical support team coupled with their proven abilities to manufacture specialty products, soon came up with effective solutions. Totally focussed on geotechnical applications, improved methods and technologies, our geosynthetics team creates and manufactures an impressive range of products. Used to separate different granular weights of soils, as filters, draining mediums, reinforcing membranes or even waterproofing for construction, Texel products are outstanding in terms of performance and reliability. Over the years, increased customer confidence in Texel has generated sales for millions of square meters of our geotextiles, used on a wide range of large and small projects. Texel products have been used by the petroleum industry for construction of artificial islands in the Artic. They've helped protect dykes and embankments. They've been used on hydroelectric dams, highway construction, railways, drainage systems and retaining walls. Texel also has a proven track record on buried waste containment sites, where non-leakage is an absolute priority. Firms storing toxic products and dangerous substances regularly depend on Texel products. So do companies that build reservoirs for drinking water. They also appreciate the high level of professionalism and skill that the Texel installation team are known for.

Felt for agrotextile uses (drainage, weed control).

Filtration Media, Liquid, Air, Dust
Liquid filtration: Clean fibers with low lubricant residue are guaranteed by our suppliers. We supply on-line quality control monitoring product weight and thickness. We provide a complete range of micron-rated products. Air filtration: We charge materials using both recognized methods, Tribo-electric and Corona charged media. Our superior blend provides the highest performance at the lowest resistance. Total R&D support allows our customers to benefit from the most recent and innovative advancements in product development and efficiency. Dust filtration: Our on-line equipment monitors weight and thickness during the manufacturing process, ensuring product consistency.