Terralink Horticulture Inc.

Address: 464 Riverside Rd. S.
Abbotsford, BC V2S 7M1

Mailling Address: 464 Riverside Rd. S.
Abbotsford, BC V2S 7M1

Phone: (604) 864-9044

Toll Free: (800) 661-4559

Fax: (604) 864-8418

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Website: http://www.terralink-horticulture.com

Terralink Horticulture Inc.

- Suppliers of fertilizers, chemicals and seeds, wholesale and
retail to agricultural markets (dairy, fruit, vegetable,
greenhouse sod, nursery, forestry) and professional turf (golf,
sports fields, parks) and home & garden.

- Providers of technical information and supportive services
including IPM.

Company Details

Year Established: 1973

Total Sales ($CDN): $100,000 - $200,000

Number of Employees: 45

Company Information

Glen Van Der Haehe
Title: Chief Executive Officer
Area of Responsibility: Management Executive
Telephone: (604) 702-4500
Fax: (604) 792-5595
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Walt Goerzen
Title: Vice President
Area of Responsibility: Domestic Sales & Marketing
Telephone: (604) 702-4500
Fax: (604) 792-5595
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Graham Rice
Title: General Manager
Telephone: (604) 702-4500
Email: Click Here

Stan Loewen
Title: General Manager
Telephone: (604) 864-9044
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Fertilizers & Fertilizer Materials Nes

Prepared Fertilizer Mixtures, Nes


Ammonium Sulphate

Ammonium Nitrate

Calcium Nitrate, Under 16% Nitrogen Content

Superphosphate, 22 Per Cent Or Less P205

Superphosphate, More Than 22 Per Cent P205

Ammonium Phosphates Nes

Phosphatic Fertilizers Nes

Potassium Chloride /Muriate Of Potash/

Potassium Sulphate, 52% Or Less K2o Content

Sulphate Of Potash-magnesia

Potassium Fertilizers Nes

Plant Food Fertilizers Prepared

Bone Flour /Prepared Fertilizer/

Nitrogen-phosphorous-potassium Mixtures

Nitrogen-phosphorous Mixtures

Seeds, Beet /Except Sugar Beet/

Seeds, Cucumber

Seeds, Cabbage

Seeds, Carrot

Seeds, Cauliflower

Seeds, Celery, For Sowing

Seeds, Dill, For Sowing

Seeds, Lettuce

Seeds, Radish

Seeds, Onion, For Sowing

Seeds, Parsley For Sowing

Seeds, Parsnip

Seeds, Spinach

Seeds, Tomato

Seeds, Turnip

Seeds, Chick Pea

Seeds, Lentils

Seeds, Sowing Nes