TekMap Consulting

Address: 99 Brook St.
Fletchers Lake, NS B2T 1A5

Mailling Address: P.O. Box 2016
Fall River, NS B2T 1K6

Phone: (902) 860-1496

Fax: (902) 860-1498

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Website: http://www.tekmap.ns.ca

TekMap Consulting

Tekmap Consulting specializes in GIS and Digital Mapping
Services. Tekmap Consulting offers the following services:
multibeam and sidescan sonar data processing, data transformation
/ projection, GIS data conversion, custom software / application
development, digital photogrammetry, and GIS training. Tekmap
Consulting is committed to producing high-end GIS products.

Tekmap Consulting is a member of the Geomatics Industry
Association of Canada (GIAC), the American Geophysical Union
(AGU), and the Metro Halifax Chamber of Commerce.

Company Details

Year Established: 1994

Number of Employees: 1

Company Information

Robert Covill
Title: President
Area of Responsibility: Management Executive
Telephone: (902) 860-1496
Fax: (902) 860-1498
Email: Click Here


Digital Photogrammetry

Multibeam Data Processing Tekmap will process and grid multibeam bathymetric data from a number of different vendor formats including: Sea Beam, Hydrosweep, Simrad, Reson, Elac, and Atlas. Services / Products include: (1) Data cleaning and editting (2) Tidal correction (3) Attitude correction (4) Backscatter, sidescan, and bathymetry data processing (5) Navigation extraction / plots (6) Contour plots (7) Color classified plots (8) Sun-illuminated bathymetry plots (9) 3-D visulaization (10) Data fusion (11) Statistical analysis (12) Cross sections

Sidescan Data Processing Tekmap will process and mosaic sidescan data from a number of different formats. Services / products include: (1) Navigation cleaning (2) Fish layback correction (3) Slant range correction (4) Beam calibration (5) Digital mosaicing of selected lines (6) Custom colortables (7) Feature / target selection (8) Fusion with other data such as bathymetry or rectified imagery data

Data Transformation / Projection Tekmap has the capability to transform GIS data in any form between different projections and datums if necessary. This includes raster, vector, and sites data.

Gis Data Conversion Tekmap has the capability to convert GIS data to a number of different formats. For raster data this include: - GRASS binary / ascii raster - NetCDF ( compatible with GMT, and MB-System) - HDF - Flat binary table / array - Geo-TIFF - Generic image (TIFF, sun-raster, GIF, etc) For vector data this includes: - GRASS binary / ascii vector - DXF - DLG - ARC/INFO Generate format - MAPINFO - ASCII IDRISI format For Sites data this includes: - GRASS sites format - ASCII XY(Z) - Binary table

Custom Software / Application Development Tekmap developes a number of custom tools and interfaces to provide enhanced services for it's clients. Languages include C, Tcl/TK, Perl, Java, and HTML.