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Technophare develop and implement innovative computing solutions adapted to SMB needs and ressources.

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Isabelle Faguy
Title: Data Provider
Telephone: (514) 935-1999
Fax: (514) 935-1999
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Thin Clients

LPDForm is a text (DOS/Unix) printing to Windows (graphical) printing conversion service. Once properly installed and configured, LPDForm act like it's a laser printer. LPDForm receives printin data generated by your DOS, Unix or Windows (text mode printing) software. It uses it to generate a PDF file or a Windows printing (graphical mode).


Thin Clients Based Solutions A thin client can be used instead of a computer. The thin client connects to a server. The server do the calculations and store data. The new generation of thin clients allows users to do the same tasks as if they were working on a computer.

Webdev Web Hosting Hosting of static and dynamic websites, including websites that require Webdev (PCSoft) engine.

Webdev Web Programming We develop Websites for all types of companies and organisations using either PHP or Webdev (PCSoft).

It Support We deliver 24/7 support for : - computers, thin clients, mobile devices; - servers (Windows, terminal servers); - network peripherals; - accounting software, office suites, etc; - virtual private networks, Internet connections, security, data backup solutions, etc.

Software Programming Programming of softwares for office and industrial applications.

Obsolete Computers Re-use Did you know you could convert your obsolete computers into performant thin clients. A converted computer can be used 3 to 5 additionnal years and is more secure.