Tavel Ltd.

Address: 701-2000 Barrington St
Cogswell Tower
Halifax, NS B3J 3K1

Mailling Address: 701-2000 Barrington St
Cogswell Tower
Halifax, NS B3J 3K1

Phone: (902) 422-4511

Fax: (902) 422-9780

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Website: http://www.tavel.ca

Tavel Ltd.

Providing professional services to private industries and
governments in engineering and consulting services related to
agri-food and fisheries.

Tavel Limited, formed in 1983, provides expert services to
companies and governments. Tavel's products are focused in two
areas : fisheries consulting and fisheries surveillance.

Fisheries Consulting : fisheries development planning for natural
fisheries and aquaculture; engineering of fish harvesting and
procession plants; productively improvement using state of the
art software programs and industrial engineering studies;
environmental studies; distribution analysis; training; and
market assessments. Demo software is available to show the
advantages of Tavel's systems.

Tavel engineers and consultants undertake assessment, design and
implementation assignments in the above areas. Tavel works with
local consultants through joint venture agreements.

Fisheries Surveillance : development and operation of fisheries
surveillance and statistical collection including at sea
observations, aircraft based surveillance, landings, audits,
fisheries, management controls. Tavel helps governments develop
systems to control and monitor fishing activities. These systems
aid in ensuring that over fishing does not occur and that local
governments gather their correct fees and taxes.

Current Geographic Profile
The majority of Tavel's activities are focused on Atlantic
Canada. Our international projects are done either through
existing clients wishing to expand to other areas of the world or
through other consulting companies already established in
international markets.

Geographical Marketing Priorities
Tavel is interested in receiving leads and contacts on
opportunities in fisheries development and fisheries
surveillance. Our areas of primary interest are the Americas
followed by Europe and Africa. Leads should be passed on to Woll
Apold. Tavel also is interested in developing its fisheries
surveillance business through improving contracts with government
agencies in Canada and the UN.

Key words: fisheries development,
aquaculture, fishery plant design, vessel selection, vessel
design, vegetable processing plants, agri-food, fruit processing
plant designs, refrigeration, freezing, juice processing plants,
salt fish plants, quality control systems, ISO9000, shellfish
plants, lobster. crab, pelegocs, fish meal, reduction plants,
wasterwater treatment, shrimp, ice plants, transportation
studies, cold storage designs, industrial engineering, process
engineering, productivity software, productivity improvement.

Company Details

Year Established: 1983

Total Sales ($CDN): $1 - $100,000

Number of Employees: 55

Company Information

Steve Devitt
Title: Data Provider
Telephone: (902) 422-4511
Fax: (902) 422-9780
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Will Apold
Title: President
Area of Responsibility: Management Executive
Telephone: (902) 422-4511
Fax: (902) 422-4511
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Fish Processing Plant Designs

Productivity Improvement

Agri-food Plant Designs

Quality Control Systems Ads part of TAVEL's services to its clients, TAVEL develops, designs and installs quality control systems for fishery and food operations. These include systems to meet the ISO9000 series of certifications.

Fish Services - Fishery Patrol