Tahltan Nation Development Corporation

Address: Hwy 37
Dease Lake, BC V0C 1L0

Mailling Address: P.O. Box 250
Dease Lake, BC V0C 1L0

Phone: (250) 771-5482

Toll Free: 1(800) 867-8632

Fax: (250) 771-5454

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Tahltan Nation Development Corporation


heavy construction; hydro-electric power generation; mining; economic development; resource management.

Company Description

'Creating Industry from a Way of Life' is the mission statement of the Tahltan Nation Development Corporation (TNDC). This guiding philosophy demands that environment and resource values are maintained and also that the well-being of Tahltan communities is ensured through full participation in all development within traditional territory. TNDC is currently involved in mining, road construction, hydroelectric power generation and the forest industry.

Tahltan traditional territory is in northeastern British Columbia. It includes the 20,000 square mile Stikine River watershed and extends into the Yukon. Natural resource values include significant gold and other mineral deposits, forest resources, wildlife and significant salmon stocks. Tahltan territory is home to some of the most varied and spectacular scenery in British Columbia. Apart from hunting and guiding, tourism potential is relatively unexploited.

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P.Jerry Asp
Title: President
Telephone: (250) 771-5482
Fax: (250) 771-5454


Environmental Products And Services

Specialized Consulting Services In Natural Resource Management (tahltan Nation Development Corporation).
The Tahltan Nation Development Corporation (TNDC) is dedicated to balancing long term resource sustainability with the immediate needs of their community. This is accomplished through the encouragement of First Nation participation in resource planning, management and use, and by the following of sustainable development policies throughout Tahltan tribal territory. The TNDC can provide their clients with access to a network of specialized consulting services in the mining, construction, hydroelectric power, forest and construction industries.


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