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Cobourg, ON K9A 2C9

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Cobourg, ON K9A 2C9

Phone: (905) 377-9217

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TILTHY RICH (TR) is dedicated to promoting and implementing
personalized programming for the individual with physical
challenges through Horticultural Therapy.
WHAT WE ARE DOING: Each activity in our gardening classes is
designed to improve specific skills. Many and varied are the
activities and teaching methods used in our 'lessons'.

Students, instructors, friends of the students and volunteers
are engrossed in the remarkable growing process that takes place
here and 'on-the-road'! With weekly programmes running from
Monday to Saturday, TILTHY RICH is a beehive of activity.
Although each class has been developed around the plant and
nature vehicle, art and music are incorporated into our
gardening programmes as well ... ***Art, Science and Music
growing Mind, Body and Spirit***.

Company Details

Year Established: 2002

Total Sales ($CDN): $1 - $100,000

Number of Employees: 1

Company Information

Rose O'brey-pickell
Title: Chief Executive Officer
Area of Responsibility: Administrative Services
Telephone: (905) 377-9217
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Horticultural Therapy

Teacher & Trainer Of Adults

Singer & Songwriter