Shuswap Nation Tribal Council

Address: 304-355 Yellowhead Hwy.
Kamloops, BC V2H 1H1

Mailling Address: 304-355 Yellowhead Hwy.
Kamloops, BC V2H 1H1

Phone: (250) 828-9789

Fax: (250) 374-6331

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Shuswap Nation Tribal Council

Products/Services: business development; community economic development; environmental assessment and monitoring; geographical information systems; resource mapping and digital modeling; land use planning; protocol development; research; resource management; training and education.

Company Description: The Shuswap Nation Forest Land Management Section assists First Nations communities with their mandates for managing reserve lands and traditional territories to ensure ecological and environmental health. The communities participate in a wide variety of forestry exercises that focus on silviculture, ecological research and integrated management initiatives and the adoption of a holistic approach to ecosystem management.

Professional services assist communities in the area of integrated resource management. This activity examines how all resource uses can be coordinated to benefit a wide variety of interests, including traditional land use. Wide-ranging experience in operational forestry, fisheries programs and wildlife management has led to the development of unique training and extension services. A strong capacity in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and digital resource mapping supports advanced projects involving land and natural resources management, conservation initiatives and digital modelling. The Tribal Council has extended its expertise into information management systems and utilizes its own Internet server to support project management, communications and information sharing. The organization is also actively engaged in archaeological research and Traditional Use Studies (TUS).

The Shuswap Nation Tribal Council is well equipped to support First Nations initiatives but can also serve international clients in natural resource management and policy development. Current clients include major private sector companies and both the federal and provincial governments.

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Bob Moody
Title: Tribal Director
Telephone: (250) 828-9789
Fax: (250) 374-6331


Environmental Products And Services

Specialize Consulting Services In Forest Resource Management.
Tanizul Timber Ltd. controls a B.C. Tree Farm License that covers 50,000 ha. of land and 130,000 m3 of lumber. Experience in managing this large forestry resource has led to the development of expertise in areas such as silviculture and wildlife management. Tanizul Timber offers clients an environmental philosophy that promotes the wisdom and practices of Traditional Ecological Knowledge, while at the same providing solutions to some of the toughest environmental problems.

Specialized Consulting Services In Resource Management For The Forestry And Pulp And Paper Industry.
The Shuswap Nation Tribal Council - Forest Land Management Section has a mandate for managing reserve lands and traditional territories to ensure their continued ecological health. Through a strategy that approaches forestry management holistically, the Shuswap Nation Forest Land Management Section has successfully expanded beyond silviculture into Geographical Information Systems, archaeological/ traditional use studies and forestry training. The Shuswap Nation Forestry Land Management Section provides clients with a number of quality services and a wealth of technology that can help to develop sound and effective resource management plans.


Internet Information Internet information services: web hosting, website design, information management, network design/admin, MCSE suppo. Aboriginal