Saint Mary's University TESL Centre

Address: 980 Tower Rd.
Halifax, NS B3H 3C3

Mailling Address: Saint Mary's University
923 Robie St.
Halifax, NS B3H 3C3

Phone: (902) 420-5691

Fax: (902) 420-5122

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Saint Mary's University TESL Centre

One of the top English language centres in Canada, the TESL
Centre at Saint Mary's University offers superior programs in a
beautiful campus setting. There are five Intensive English
Programs designed to meet individual student needs. The goal of
the English for Academic Purposes program is to prepare
students for university and college courses. The English for
Personal and Professional Communication program is designed for
those using English in professional, academic or business
environments. During the Immersion program, participants spend
a month learning English and participating in Canadian culture
in the lovely port city of Halifax. The Advanced Business
English program is designed to help advanced-level students
develop accuracy and fluency in using English for business or
professional purposes. It is also helpful for those preparing
for an MBA. The University Bridging Program helps students
prepare for university by combining advanced-level English
studies with study in one content area. For admission, students
must have a conditional acceptance to Saint Mary's University.
TESL Centre instructors are highly qualified and experienced.
Most have Masters degrees in teaching ESL and experience
teaching in Canada and abroad.

All Intensive English Programs include a full schedule of
sociocultural activities so students have an opportunity to
practice their English outside class. Knowledgeable and
experienced Cultural Assistants lead these activities.

Students in the Intensive English Programs enjoy the full
benefit of International Student status at Saint Mary's,
including access to the Tower, a world-class recreational
facility. There is a full-time International Student Advisor
to give guidance and advice. In addition, the TESL Centre works
with the Admissions Office to provide information and guidance
to those wishing to apply to credit programs at Saint Mary's.
The University offers conditional admission to those who meet
the academic requirements.

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