SED Systems - a division of CALIAN Ltd.

Address: 18 Innovation Blvd.
Saskatoon, SK S7N 3R1

Mailling Address: P.O. Box 1464
Saskatoon, SK S7K 3P7

Phone: (306) 931-3425

Toll Free: (800) 931-3425

Fax: (306) 933-1486

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SED Systems - a division of CALIAN Ltd.

SED Systems is a Canadian advanced technology company
specializing in space and communications engineering and custom rf and eletronics manufacturing.

SED has extensive expertise in space, communications, satellite
test and control and defense systems engineering and in custom
electronic system manufacturing. With proven professional
capabilities, a strong renewing technological base, and an
international reputation for excellence, SED is well positioned
for growth in Canadian and international markets.

SED has been a successful team member on numerous national and
international projects. As a result of 31 years experience, SED
has the project management skills, systems engineering
capability, integrated logistics support, and product assurance
procedures in place to meet the highest project standards.


SED operations are located in a 11,600 square meter (125,000
square foot) custom built facility in Saskatoon.

The facility includes 4,000 square meters (43,000 square feet) of
manufacturing and integration space, a class 10000 clean room, a
2000 pound force vibration table and a thermal vacuum chamber.
The building is fully secure.

The Canadian Space Agency's Telemetry, Tracking, and Command
station for RADARSAT is located adjacent to SED's facility.

A partial list of SED's current active customers includes Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Intelsat, Inmarsat, the Canadian Space
Agency, the European Space Agency, General Dynamics, Nortel, GM Defense, SEI, Wavecom, FM Radio, the Canadian
Department of National Defence, Teleglobe, and Thrane & Thrane.

Company Details

Year Established: 1965

Total Sales ($CDN): $25,000,000 - $50,000,000

Number of Employees: 240

Company Information

Don Epp
Title: Director
Area of Responsibility: Management Executive, Domestic Sales & Marketing, Export Sales & Marketing
Telephone: (306) 933-1498
Fax: (306) 933-1486
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Linda Bell
Title: Asst. Controller
Area of Responsibility: Finance/Accounting
Telephone: (306) 931-3425
Fax: (306) 933-1486

Ken Parenteau
Title: Controller
Telephone: (306) 931-3425
Fax: (306) 933-1486
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Terry Rohrke
Title: Marketing (Manufacturing)
Area of Responsibility: Manufacturing/Production/Operations
Telephone: (306) 933-1445
Fax: (306) 933-1486

Tim Braun
Title: Marketing (Network Management)
Area of Responsibility: Domestic Sales & Marketing, Export Sales & Marketing
Telephone: (306) 931-3425

Seann Hamer
Title: Director of business developement
Telephone: (306) 931-3425
Fax: (306) 933-1486
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Ray Basler
Title: President
Area of Responsibility: Management Executive
Telephone: (306) 933-1445
Fax: (306) 933-1486
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Brent Mcconnell
Title: Vice President
Area of Responsibility: Manufacturing/Production/Operations
Telephone: (306) 933-1425
Fax: (306) 933-1486
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Satellite Gateway Systems

Satellite In-orbit Test Equipment
SED has been providing world class satellite test technology since the late 1970s. We now supply a broad range of products to support satellite testing, communications payload monitoring, carrier monitoring and remote earth station verification testing. We also provide expert assistance in satellite test campaigns. Our In-orbit Test Systems are used after launch of a communications satellite to verify payload performance meets specifications. Our systems use swept techniques and optimized algorithms, resulting in faster, more accurate measurements.

Satellite Spectrum Monitoring Systems
The Satellite Spectrum Monitoring System (SSMS) is used to monitor communications traffic through satellites. The SSMS is capable of measuring a number of parameters and characteristics of the traffic, displaying the information, and may be remotely controlled and operated from any location. Now operating in five continents, these systems provide automated monitoring of satellite traffic in order to effectively manage the use of communications payload resources. In addition to the standard configuration, these systems are also available in a transportable version, facilitating verification and monitoring of spot beam satellite systems.

Satellite Command And Control Systems
The communications link between mission control facilities and the spacecraft, our Telemetry Tracking and Command Systems are a vital part in the management of space resources. We are providing systems for applications ranging from satellite communications and remote sensing to the control and monitoring of deep space instruments. We can also include a variety of satellite control functions such as command management and flight dynamics by integrating proven off-the-shelf software packages into the system.

Satellite Check-out Equipment
SED has provided specialized ground support equipment (GSE) for space programs for over 15 years. Relying heavily on custom real- time software, these systems are used during the integration and test of spaceflight hardware, and have supported a wide range of applications including communications satellites and payloads, remote sensing payloads, space robotics, and space science instrumentation.

Satellite Feeder-link Stations
Our Feeder Link Stations transmit audio and data to orbiting satellites which in turn, broadcast the signals to large regional audiences. Whether for television or digital radio applications, SED's up-link systems provide flexible, reliable service to the broadcast industry.

Network Management Systems
Network Management Systems provide network-level support and control of satellite communications systems, including VSAT hubs, Network Control Stations and Network Operations Systems. SED has been providing network management systems for over 10 years.

Circuit Card

Circuit Card Assembly

Control - Indicator

Electrical Ground Strap

Panel - Alarm

Panel - Power Distribution

Power Supply Assembly

Programmable High Frequency Adaptive Receiver Sys

Space Inst-electronics,Opt,Microgravity

System Integration, Installation & Maintenance Ser

Satellite Frequency Planning System


Custom Electronic Manufacturing SEDs manufacturing operation produces high reliability commercial, military and aerospace equipment in low to medium volumes. We are fully qualified and equipped to manufacture multi-layer thru-hole, hybrid and surface mount technology (SMT) circuit card assemblies, complex wire harnesses and cable assemblies. We have an extensive inventory of calibrated state- of-the-art test equipment for testing, tuning and troubleshooting digital and RF electronic assemblies. We are well equipped for high frequency RF work up to 20 Ghz. In addition to building SED designed systems, we perform contract manufacturing services on a consignment or turnkey basis for commercial, military and aerospace customers. We are registered to ISO 9001 and have an Aeronautical Appliance Approval from Transport Canada.

Satellite Operations Services With the launch of RADARSAT in 1995, SED controls and monitors the satellite in orbit under contract to the Canadian Space Agency. SED's team of more than 30 engineers and technicians, located at CSA headquarters and at SED's facility in Saskatoon, have expertise in payload and bus engineering analysis, orbit prediction and maintenance, and payload scheduling.

Smt & Thp Pcb Assembly