Quiet Acres

Address: 672 Lakeshore Rd.
Niagara On The Lake, ON L0S 1J0

Mailling Address: R.R. 5
672 Lakeshore Rd.
Niagara-On-The-Lake, ON L0S 1J0

Phone: (905) 934-8019

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Website: http://www.qa.on.ca

Quiet Acres Farm

Our three farms are located in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. We
produce various crops, the principal ones being peaches,
oriental plums, sweet cherries, apricots, and apples. Minor
crops include raspberries, sour cherries, seedless grapes,
nectarines, purple plums, strawberries, rhubarb, squash,
tomatoes, sweet corn, cucumbers, potatoes, peppers, cantaloupe,
zucchini and eggs. Together our farms comprise 18 hectares
(45 acres). Compared to other farms in the region, this is a mid-
sized operation. Due to the labour-intensiveness of tender fruit
production and the logistics involved in administering a large
staff over large land areas, most farms in the area are under
30 hectares. The farmers of the Niagara Region together produce
approximately 80% of Canada's peach crop yearly, and are
responsible for most of the other tender fruit crop production
in the country.

Company Details

Year Established: 1968

Number of Employees: 12

Company Information

Bradley Thomas Romanek
Title: Manager
Telephone: (905) 934-8019

Ruby Or Bruce Romanek
Title: Owner
Area of Responsibility: Management Executive
Telephone: (905) 934-8019
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