ORIANA Communications Inc.

Address: 604 Zeland Rd
R. R. #1
Maberly, ON K0H 2B0

Mailling Address: 604 Zeland Rd
R. R. #1
Maberly, ON K0H 2B0

Phone: (613) 268-2133

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Website: http://www.oriana.ca

ORIANA Communications Inc.

From astrophysics to agriculture, from metallurgy to microbiology, from telecommunications to transcendental meditation, ORIANA Communications Inc. brings:
comprehension to the complex, form to the obscure, and answers to your questions.

Today, many products incorporate complex technologies that are often beyond the experience of the people tasked with installing, operating, maintaining, and using
the products. Yet these same people often need to understand the technology in order to minimize downtime and maximize benefits. As unanswered questions
build, much-needed solutions can be delayed, or even abandoned. The cost in return on investment, after sales support, and credibility can be very high.

ORIANA designs, develops, and delivers answers. Show us the product. Show us the people who work with the product. We'll identify their questions and
provide answers that will maximize the performance of both the people and the product.

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R. R. Cheeseman
Title: President
Area of Responsibility: Management Executive
Telephone: (613) 268-2898