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Nikad Interactive Solutions Inc.

Nikad Interactive Solutions delivers online learning
systems for corporate and educational organizations. Nikad offers
a turnkey knowledge management system referred to as the 'Virtual
Campus.' The Virtual Campus leverages the Web to simplify the
delivery, tracking and management of electronic courseware.

The core of the Virtual Campus is a web-based Learning Management
System (LMS) used in combination with Web-Based Training (WBT)
courses to automate course distribution, user access,
collaboration, and performance tracking via the Internet.

Enterprise-calibre e-Learning solutions are used by global 2000
corporations for their convenience, cost effectiveness, and
efficiency. Nikad's time-share approach, sharing expensive
software, infrastructure and management services amongst many
clients, ensures that the technology can be affordable to
midrange companies.

Nikad's comprehensive service includes:
1. Content production - courseware or information
2. Distribution/delivery services including (a)Hosting,
registration of employees, and client set-up, (b)Set up of
real-time online meetings, seminars and courses (Collaboration
Services) and (c)Customization of client site
3. Learning Management Services: including Needs analysis,
Technical and systems integration, Human Resources information

Features of Nikad's Virtual Campus:
Reduces costs due to the sharing of infrastructure
administration and maintenance expenses.
Highly accessible courseware, anytime, anywhere.
Real-time access to instructors or facilitators.
Chat rooms, threaded discussion, email and application sharing.
Secure administration of exams, and protection for confidential
user information.
Multiple reports tracking usage, pass/fail attempts, completion
data, customized to client needs.
A measurement system for training effectiveness enabling
companies to assess ROI.
Enables expansion of services in a modular manner.
Skills Gap Analysis (comparison of training completed to
training needed) for management of Human Resources.

Company Details

Year Established: 1992

Total Sales ($CDN): $1 - $100,000

Number of Employees: 5

Company Information

Heather Nikota
Title: President
Telephone: (306) 652-1194
Fax: (306) 934-3144
Email: Click Here

Bart Nikota
Title: Vice President
Telephone: (306) 652-1194
Fax: (306) 934-3144


Content Production

Electronic Courseware (cbt, Wbt)
Computer-based training Web Based training CBT and WBT are flexible tools to meet learning and performance challenges such as certification, just in time training and widely dispersed learners. Based on adult education principles,, our designs utilize the most appropriate software authoring tools for the job. Delivery Mode: Internet, CD-ROM, DVD

Electronic Performance Support System
The Electronic Performance Support System is a response to situations where comprehensive courseware is not required. An EPSS is a job aid that provides online reference information and continuous decision support to workers, in order to facilitate immediate performance of a task. These 'how to' instructions can walk the user through procedures like occasional equipment assembly or disassembly by giving essential information needed at the time. Tutorials or Database access can be incorporated into these products. Delivery modes: Internet, CD-ROM, DVD


Information Hosting & Distribution Service Distribution/delivery services: Secure hosting of online content Set up of real-time online meetings, seminars and courses (Collaboration Services)

Learning Management Service Nikad performs needs analysis to customize the LMS to meet the needs of clients. Nikad's LMS is a proven, secure, enterprise level software that manages user access, multiple reports, performance tracking, exam administration, and enables ROI measurements. The LMS offers access to and management of human resources skills data including analysis of skills gaps.

E-commerce Service Nikad's LMS handles Electonic cash transactions and sales of courseware and other content. Consider whether your corporate or industry association's needs are marketable outside your company.