Plastifab Industries

8115 Lafrenaie St., Saint-Lonard, QC

Extrusion of semi-finished and finished plastics: ABS, Acrylic, CAB, Celcon, CPVC, Delrin, Delrin AF, Noryl, Nylon 6, 66, 11, 12. Polycarbonate Polyethylene (High & Low Density) Polypropylene, Polystyrene. Polyrethane. PVC (Flexible & Rigid). ...


9404 Du Saguenay St, Saint-Lonard, QC

CMTIGroup provides specialty-engineering services for safety critical embedded systems. The company provides engineering services in; Systems Engineering, Risk Management, System Safety, Reliability Engineering, Human Engineering, Quality Assurance, ...

Vortex Conseils

6455, rue Jean Talon E Bureau 702, Saint-Lonard, QC

Vortex Conseils serves as an agent of change for clients' business systems by integrating an innovative approach based on our clients' know-how and supported by state-of-the-art technologies. Our objective is the continuous improvement of our ...

BEXATI Technologies inc.

310-6000 Mtropolitain Blvd, Saint-lonard, QC

Information Systems Validation Specialists. BEXATI ensures that all your requirements are met in all areas of Validation (Information and Biotechnology Systems), IT SOP preparation, and in all matters of Information Technology including Software ...


420-6020 Jean-Talon St E, Saint-lonard, QC

CABINET D'AVOCATS: exerant dans les domaines de droits suivants, notamment: Droit corporatif, Droit civil et responsabilit, Droit pnal, Droit administratif et municipal, Droit du travail, Droit matrimonial, Droit des personnes et de la ...

Vanasse & Associs Consultants inc.

5040, rue des Galets, Saint-lonard, QC

Founded in 1987, Vanasse & Associs Consultants inc., a business-consulting firm, has experienced considerable growth over the last few years in the sectors of international trade (import and export) as well as Canadian and U.S. customs government ...

Innovox inc.

6770, rue Jarry E. Bureau 270, Saint-lonard, QC

Since 1988, Innovox design and manufacture avant-garde products for the exclusive benefit of its clients. The expertise in electronics, in applied programming and in mechanics at Innovox can be used, among others, in the following fields : ...

PC+PLUS Software Inc

9125, rue Pascal-Gagnon Bureau 201, Saint-Lonard, QC

Creating software solutions for: freight forwarders, load brokers, courrier, in-bond warehouses, technical services company, refrigeration, associations, clubs and so much more....

HS Tlcom

9065, rue du Champs d'Eau, Saint-Lonard, QC


5815, rue Thierry, Saint-Lonard, QC