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Mi'kmaq-Maliseet Institute

The Mi'kmaq-Maliseet Institute (MMI) is the only centre for
Aboriginal education studies in the Atlantic region. The
Institute administers programs for First Nations students at the
University of New Brunswick and helps First Nations students
enter the undergraduate faculty of their choice. MMI also offers
the BEd Degree Program and the Bridging Year for Aboriginal
Students, and the First Nations Business Administration Certificate.

MMI works closely with First Nations to expand the professional
horizons of young adults and mature students. The more than 150
graduates of the BEd program and a growing group of Business
Administration graduates are bringing their new expertise to
their home communities. The Institute designs and offers programs
which meet stated needs of the First Nations and contribute to
their educational and professional growth. Graduates have entered
careers in education, administration, government, counselling,
and many other fields.

UNB Programs at MMI

The Bridging Year has been offered since 1991. Students follow an
individually designed program of studies that helps them enter
the undergraduate program they choose in Arts, Business
Administration, Computer Science, Engineering, Forestry &
Environmental Management, Kinesiology, Nursing, or Science.
Students take grade 12 courses required for admission, along with
first-year university credit courses. Upon completing the
Bridging Year successfully, they are automatically admitted to
their chosen degree, and their credit courses are advanced to the
degree program.

The Bachelor of Education (BEd) for Aboriginal Students began in
1977. The majority of licensed First Nations teachers in the
Maritimes are graduates of this UNB program, which offers a
separate admissions procedure and academic advice and support.

The First Nations Business Administration Certificate (FNBAC)
began in the Fall of 2002. The certificate is equivalent to the
first two years of the Bachelor of Business Administration degree
offered by UNB?s Faculty of Administration. The FNBAC offers
specialty courses on First Nations business topics, smaller class
size, tutoring, individual support, and a work placement (co-op)
term. Following the certificate, students may elect to complete
the BBA with an additional two years of study.

Individual guidance, tutoring and mentoring are important parts
of what makes MMI a special place. Personal contact with
instructors and advisers is a regular part of the university day,
and student and faculty events help create a community atmosphere
on campus. First Nations elders and other experts speak to
students about academic and cultural issues, adding deeper
insight to courses and assignments.

For more information about UNB programs at MMI, or to apply,
visit our website, or call us at 506-453-4840. We look forward to
seeing you!

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