Meridium Power Inc.

Address: 820 Taylor Ave
Winnipeg, MB R3M 3T1

Mailling Address: P.O. Box 815
Winnipeg, MB R3C 2P4

Phone: (204) 474-4928

Toll Free: 1(888) 518-6581

Fax: (204) 452-3976

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Meridium Power Inc.

Meridium Power is the exclusive Canadian source for Written-Pole(R) brand products including electric motors and battery-free power protection systems. Our products include large horsepower, single-phase electric motors, ranging in size from 15 to 100 hp, that eliminate the need for three-phase service in areas where obtaining such service is either unavailable or cost-prohibitive. Meridium Power provides turn-key power protection solutions based on a family of Written-Pole(R) power protection products for commercial and industrial applications such as radar systems, data systems, industrial process, etc.

Company Details

Year Established: 1998

Number of Employees: 2

Company Information

Dale Friesen
Title: Data Provider
Telephone: (204) 474-4928
Fax: (204) 452-3976
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High Horsepower, Single-phase Motors

Battery-free Power Protection Systems
Written-Pole(R) power protection systems eliminate the need for battery-based systems with their high maintenance and infrastructure requirements. Designed for commercial and industrial applications where conditioned space is at a premium, Written-Pole(R) power protection systems reduce infrastructure cost and life-cycle costs by eliminating the need for energy-storage batteries. Power protection systems based on Written-Pole(R) Technology utilize a low-speed motor generator configuration with an integrated low-speed flywheel. Installations are capable of providing a total power protection solution with electrical isolation, power conditioning, momentary outage protection and prolonged outage protection in a single footprint. The battery-free design eliminates concerns over battery replacement and disposal, minimizes maintenance costs and reduces infrastructure costs for providing conditioned space for energy storage batteries. The single-footprint design enhances reliablity and performance while minimizing requirements for floor space.

Power-ride(r) Ride-through Motors
The Power-Ride(R) Motors is an innovative new product that enables Meridium Power to provide ride-through solutions for industrial customers with sensitive industrial processes that require uninterrputed operation of critical process fans and pumps. Based on Written-Pole(R) Technology, these motors are able to minimize speed decay during momentary power interruptions of up to 10 seconds by using an integrated low-speed flywheel with a mechanical inertia that is up to 30 times greater than conventional three-phase motors. Their low starting demands and excellent operating efficiencies minimize load on distribution centres during starting, eliminating the need to over-size distribution buses. The ability to restart while spinning without creating damaging torque transients eliminates a primary area of concern with conventional ride-through installations. Power-Ride(R) motors provide a robust and reliable solution that protects against more than 95 percent of all utility interruptions. Each Power-Ride(R) Motor is custom engineered to meet the exacting requirements of our customers. This approach ensures that the optimal solution is achieved in a cost-effective package capable of eliminating unplanned downtime, equipment damage and lost production due to momentary power interruptions.