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Manrex Limited

Manrex Limited is a 100% Canadian ISO 9001 certfied company
specializing in medication delivery systems. Our commitment to
better patient care has made us the proven leader in this
specialized field. Manrex systems are the most efficient, cost
effective and innovative medication delivery systems available.

Manrex offers systems for long term care,acute care and
community care markets. Typically our systems include
packaging, storage and transport for medications and a variety
of forms and labels to track the administration of the correct
medication, to the correct patient, at the correct time.

Manrex supplies one of the leading nursing home systems in
Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia and more
recently Manrex has started operations through product agents in
Germany, France, Spain and Portugal.

Manrex Limited is interested in expanding it's sales worldwide
and further penetrating the new European Community Market.

Manrex would be willing to act as an agent for other health care
companies in Canada, to manufacture product under license for
export or import to other markets and to act on behalf of other
manufacturers in the healthcare market in Canada or other
countries where Manrex has an established distribution system.

Company Details

Year Established: 1973

Number of Employees: 30

Company Information

Wendy Rand
Title: Consultant
Telephone: (204) 453-6247
Fax: (204) 453-6350
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Todd Macneil
Title: Director of IT
Telephone: (204) 453-6247
Fax: (204) 453-6350
Email: Click Here

Fiona Mourant
Title: President
Area of Responsibility: Management Executive
Telephone: (204) 453-6247
Fax: (204) 453-6350
Email: Click Here

John Webster Jr.
Title: Vice President
Area of Responsibility: Export Sales & Marketing
Telephone: (204) 453-6247
Fax: (204) 453-6350
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Controlled Dosage System

The ideal alternative to unit dose for smaller acute care hospitals. Webstersystem is based on the blister style system that is popular in nursing homes. Webstersystem provides nurses with fully labeled, patient specific medication cards prepared by pharmacy. These cards are then arranged on time files for organized administration. Easy to prepared and inexpensive compared to unit dose.

Pill Pak In The Community
The elderly account for over 12% of our population and use over 25% of all prescriptions dispensed; yet many have problems taking their medications correctly. Pill Pak allows the pharmacist to pack their medications in an easy to use blister package. Available in pressure sensitive sealing, heat sealing and reusable plastic cards.

Controlled Drug System
This system save valuable nursing time during end of shifts counts of controlled substances. Nurses can identify remaining doses at a glance and there are not counts necessary. Blister packaging ensures tamper evidence.

Health Care Carts
Manrex makes and supplies a wide range of carts suitable for long term care, assisted living, acute care settings and the transport of patient treatments. Our carts come in various heights with a variety of drawer configurations and colour selections, allowing you to tailor the cart to your specific needs. The Manrex Pouch Porter Cart System provides a secure, organized, easy to use, storage and delivery system for multi- dose and single-dose cellophane packages.

Health - Medical And Assistive Devices
Contact us to find to find out what other items we may have that make your medication administration or medication delivery system more complete. Manrex Limited has everything from medication crushers, to pill splitters, to medication organizers.

Adds Telepharmacy Solutions
Providing pharmacy services to remote or isolated communities has been traditionally difficult. This need not be the case as the new Telepharmacy Solution allows pharmacists to consult and dispense medications from a central location to remote settings.

Manrex Forms
As part of our systems, we offer an extensive line of forms, many of them colour coded for added medication security. Each form is designed to work with our medication delivery system, ensuring efficiency and ease of use for both pharmacy and nursing staff.

Manrex Labels
We make a wide range of labels for nursing and pharmacy needs. Custom runs and specialty needs are also accommodated. Please contact us and let us quote on your labeling requirements.

Perfect for hospitals wanting to offer both unit dose for oral solids and liquids. Based on the concept of heat sealing, the DAKMED produces secure unit dose packages without extensive equipment or fillers.

Heat Sealers
Manrex offers a variety of sizes of heat sealers for use with our products requiring heat seal. The smaller sealer is ideal for community pharmacists providing smaller nursing homes or community care with Pill Pak, while the larger sealer is used for nursing home provides.

Sintek Pharmacy Fixtures
Manrex is pleased to offer the Sintek line of pharmacy fixtures for Canada. Stockflow is ideal for dispensing areas, Caroussel for areas of limited space and Rombic for single, pick and dispense items. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

Pill Pak In Long Term Care Facilities
A variation of our popular community care program, the Multi- Dose system packages all of a patient's medications for one dosage time into a single blister. This saves nurses significant time when administering medications. Available in heat seal, colour coded cards and reusable colour coded plastic cards.

Pac-Med is a high-speed pharmaceutical packaging machine capable of producing single or multi-dose medication packages in cellophane pouches. Pac-Med is ideal for hospitals providing regional services to other facilities, or for pharmacists providing long term care services to large volume nursing homes. Pac-Med produces up to 60 individual pouches a minute.

The only automated system developed specifically for long term care. Envoy delivers individualized medication envelopes, fully labeled and bar-coded, prior to administration. With an on-site packaging system using bulk medications, Envoy provides accurate and timely medication delivery right to the nurses fingertips.

Pouch Porter System
The Manrex Pouch Porter System provides a secure, organized, easy to use, storage and delivery system for multi-dose and single dose cellophane packages. This nurse friendly system can be configured to handle cellophane pouches when distributed in fan folded strips, separated into individual time pouches, or rolled into a continuous loop. In addition, the Pouch Porter features a unique patient identification card, auxiliary instruction label, plastic dividers, and special transport and exchange bins. If you are using cellophane pouches, or are considering them for your clients or facility, you should investigate the features and convenience of the new Manrex Pouch Porter System.

Unipac Packaging System
The UniPac machine packages medication into single dose packages. Used mainly in acute care hospitals.