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MaD inc.

Morado automation Design (MaD) Inc. is a company dedicated to helping you lead the way by improving the reliability of your equipment and introducing common industrial practices through techniques, design, process and procedure.

Although we started as a company providing equipment upgrade
and modification services, MaD Inc. has recognized that the demand
for reliable & efficient equipment also requires an organized maintenance management system, accessible document library and commitment to continuous improvement.

Maintenance Management Consulting Service

With a 17 years of combined hands-on and management experience in the metal forming, metal finishing and resistance welding industry, we provide various preventative, predictive and analytical maintenance programs to suit your organization by offering the following services:

Generate CMMS (Computer Maintenance Management Software) Database
Equipment/space data collection, spare parts lists, and storeroom
inventory data

Equipment Performance Assessment
Survey of mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical system

Preventive and Predictive Maintenance Program Development
We will assist you in establishing a PdM and PM program, from procedures and data collection to training that will suit your organization

Maintenance Management Evaluation
Planning, scheduling, staff evaluation, recruiting assistance, organization requirements, training, and work analysis

Storeroom Implementation
We can get you organized from location layout to developing part
descriptions, cataloging, stocking parts for easy retrieval

Storeroom Operation Review
We can help you reduce inventory and maintain a high service level

MaD Inc. can provide these services as a turnkey operation or as
improved add on to your present procedure.

Electronic Document Conversion and Maintenance

Difficulty locating information on specific equipment or space layout
can minimize your up time during servicing procedure.
Integrity of paper documents can deteriorate through time from environmental exposure and therefore make it difficult for troubleshooting.
Only copy and original document become as valuable as gold making it difficult to distribute and share inside or outside the office.

Realizing these difficulties in the maintenance industry, MaD Inc.
has developed three document services:

PDF publishing
CAD conversion
Document maintenance

PDF Publishing

MaD Inc. can convert your paper document or computer file into an electronic file called PDF (Portable Document Format).

This format maintains the fidelity of your original document, retains
the layout, color, and fonts of the original document and is independent from hardware and operating system (Windows, Macintosh, or UNIX) making it possible to view, search, print, and e-mail a document with the software and hardware you already have.

Navigation through thousands of pages can be made easier through its bookmark and hyperlink features.

PDF files saves valuable physical space and allow fast retrieval.

PDF has quickly become the industry standard for publishing and distributing electronic documents.

CAD Conversion
Plant layout, schematics, and mechanical drawings are equivalent
to road maps in the trades industry.

Imagine going somewhere and you dont know how to get there or where to start from. Maybe trying to get somewhere but the place is not on the map or the map is in poor condition.

It would take longer to get there, maybe get lost first or will have
to ask the locals for directions.

The same problems are experienced by most trades personnel.

Uptime is minimized due to a longer trouble shooting procedure, errors are made from assumptions due to missing data and historical background (the locals) may no longer be available.

With this in mind, MaD Inc. offers blueprint and schematic conversions to CAD files as a starting point for your future development. In tandem with our continuous improvement service, we will create CAD drawings where it is not available through investigations and reverse engineering process.


With your files now in electronic format, MaD Inc. can assist in keeping your files up to date by making any revisions at your request.

Continuous Improvement Service

We all know that business is always changing due to demand and competition.
Scrap reduction, minimal rejects, good process control, efficient production run and minimum equipment downtime is a model setting in any manufacturing industry.
MaD Inc. can assist you by providing the following services:

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
Total productive maintenance programs have the potential to focus
your workforce on continuous improvement
Unfortunately, many companies have not achieved this goal
We can help concentrate your maintenance efforts and achieve all
potential returns with TPM

Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA)
There are many factors that can cause failure of equipment
Through systematic analysis we can assist you in determining the
source(s) of the failure

Equipment Upgrades and Modifications
Through the two previous procedures we can determine the requirements to meet the demands of your organization
We can provide you with the knowledge and resources to get the job


With our experience in the industrial maintenance industry, we have
recognized the needs of owners, managers, technicians and operators.

MaD Inc. is focused on meeting these needs.

With the present demands from your customers and the presence of stiff competitions,
MaD Inc.
will be
helping you lead the way.

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Leo Morado
Title: Project Manager
Area of Responsibility: Management Executive
Telephone: (905) 482-2220
Fax: (905) 482-2238
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