Shaver & Sons Enterprises Ltd.

2013-2E, Stonewall, MB

Replacement parts for 'Bombardier' snowbus and repairs.

Speciality Tire and Tube

875 Century St., Winnipeg, MB

Tires, tubes, axles, springs, hubs. (slow speed is our speciality, no automotive)

Piston Ring Service

660 Wall St., Winnipeg, MB

Mayers Packaging Ltd.

50 Mandalay Dr., Winnipeg, MB

Friesen Seeds Ltd.

NE 25 - 5 - 1W, Rosenort, MB

Buyers and sellers of seed.

Pakmark Ltd.

8-199 Omands Creek Blvd., Winnipeg, MB

Janzen Seeds Ltd.

PR 306, Plum Coulee, MB

Pedigreed crops exporter processed soybean exporter

Haycore Canada Inc.

3144 Gregoire Rd., Russell, ON

Trade industry.

WR Display & Packaging

30 Plymouth St., Winnipeg, MB

Complete supplies for your retail store. We have bags, tags, boxes, mannequins, hangers, racks and more! We also carry supplies for clothing manufacture i.e. fastener guns.

Cargill Limited

300-240 Graham Ave. Cargill Bldg., Winnipeg, MB

Export, handling, origination of grain, livestock feed, seed & beef products.