LMI Technologies Inc.

Address: 1673 Cliveden Ave.
Delta, BC V3M 6V5

Mailling Address: 1673 Cliveden Ave.
Delta, BC V3M 6V5

Phone: (604) 636-1011

Fax: (604) 516-8368

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Website: http://www.lmint.com

LMI Technologies Inc.

LMI manufactures laser sensors for quality control in sawmills,
automotive manufacturing, molten metal pouring, tire and rubber
manufacturing, agricultural applications and general industry.
These items are sold on an OEM basis to key machinery
manufacturers, and system integrators. The products are
sold throughout North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Our modern manufacturing facility located in Delta, just south
of Vancouver, B.C., has easy access to the U.S. border and the
local international airport. Manufacturing is also done in The
Netherlands, Sweden and Windsor, Ontario.

The company has a broad base of expertise in sensor design and
manufacture, focusing on state-of-the-art laser profile
scanning. The scanning system accurately measures shape,
profile and thickness.

LMI has designed and developed a family of patented, high speed
laser-based vision sensors for operation in rugged environments
like sawmills, auto manufacturing, molten metal pouring and

Company Details

Year Established: 1976

Total Sales ($CDN): $10,000,000 - $25,000,000

Number of Employees: 90

Company Information

Leonard Metcalfe
Title: Chief Executive Officer
Area of Responsibility: Management Executive
Telephone: (604) 940-0141
Fax: (604) 940-0793

Barry Dashner
Title: President
Area of Responsibility: Management Executive
Telephone: (604) 636-1011
Fax: (604) 516-8368
Email: Click Here


Vision Systems - Dynavision Family Of Products

Edger, Cant And Trimmer Optimizers - Dynamic Opti
'Dynamic Optimization' provides true real-time optimization to dynamically generate the optimum solution from all possible cutting patterns utilizing real 3-D profiles. Another innovation is the 'Product Optimizer' software that generates solutions to fill a sales order right at the optimizer, simultaneously selecting from domestic and export sizes for 'just-in-time' lumber manufacturing

Non-contact Profile/Thickness Sensors - Dynavisio
The 'Dynavision' family includes Intelligent Multi-Point 3D Profile Systems with typical applications for board and cant profiles in lumber optimization, and thickness profiling of veneer; Intelligent Single Point Sensors, with typical applications for thickness/quality control sensors for lumber sorters and primary and secondary machine centers and aluminum ingot profiles; and Through Beam Laser Photocells with typical applications for photocell curtains on carriage scanners, and machine tool and broken bit detection. DynaVision sensors, available on an OEM basis, have many more applications and are being incorporated by numerous industry leaders into their products, providing them with leading edge scanning technology

Laser Sensors For Edger, Cant And Trimmers In Sawmills
Multi Point Laser Sensors are used by equipment manufactures to measure logs, cants, and boards in order to get correct dimensional information and let sawmill customers get the most value from the raw materials.

Dynavision Sensors
Laser sensors for Quality Control in manufacturing applications. High speed, nanometer accuracy, short range, long range, digital and analog sensors.

Line Scan Sensors
Laser sensors using line lasers to measure and profile products in real time applications

3d Machine Vision
Laser Scanners for 3D machine vision. Applications in Molten Metal, Sawmill Machinery, Automobile Manufacturing, Robotics, Road Scanning, Tire and Rubber, General Industry.


Visual Sensing, Range Sensing.