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Moncton, NB E1C 9X9

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Kensington Associates

Kensington Associates is composed of two experienced business partners and two professional associates. This combined team draws on their extensive experience in the implementation of successful business practices to achieve your objectives.

Kensington Associates provides business management consulting in the areas of:
Strategic and Financial Business Planning
Human Resource Management and Training
Operations Management
Information Management (Business processes and metrics), and
Innovation measurement and process improvements
What we do for you:
Todays business is faced with a rapidly changing environment. Globalization and free trade has resulted in competition and markets, which are no longer located down the street, within the province or even on the continent. The Internet has drastically changed the way companies and customers communicate and complete business transactions. Product life cycles have reduced from decades to months. Product development cycles have reduced from years to months. Highly skilled employees are available but there is intense competition to attract and retain them. Career employees are a thing of the past. Mergers, joint ventures and acquisitions result in the competition constantly changing. Venture capital markets have presented strong resource and growth opportunities to many companies. These dynamic conditions reinforce the fact that in todays business environment, change is the only constant.

Kensington Associates works to help you achieve your desired business results by:
Understanding your business strategy, the competitive environment, and your organizational culture.
Determining the key development areas that enable improved business growth.
Facilitating solutions to performance excellence.
Identifying underutilized skills and resources that can be applied to maximum benefit.
Coaching you and your team to implement positive changes and achieve success.

The Kensington Associates team hold a variety of Undergraduate and professional designations including:

Bachelor of Science (Mechanical Engineering)
Certified Management Consultant (CMC)
Certified Human Resource Planner (CHRP)
Professional Engineer (2) (P.Eng.)
Certified Quality Technician (CQT)

Business Experience

Our experience includes middle and executive management of small organizations, research and development facilities, start up businesses, manufacturing and large companies exceeding 400 staff. Our hands on responsibilities include human resource management practices, restructuring of operations and financing and corporate planning from start-up to multi-million dollar expansions. Both partners have budgetary experience including departmental budgets and operating budgets in all areas of business operations. Equally, the partners have consulting experience spanning 20 years of their professional careers. Collectively, the Kensington team have over sixty years of experience in manufacturing, new product development and assisting SME's improve their business performance.

Areas of Expertise

Kensington Associates' services are well suited towards manufacturing and processing industries, however since many business principles can be universally applied, our services have been applied in the service sector, government agencies and departments, engineering and law firms. The Kensington Associates team have industry-specific experience in aerospace, communications technologies, transportation, light and heavy manufacturing, medical technologies, fisheries and finance.

The partners are:

Mr. Kevin Brown, P. Eng. CQT
Mr. Laurie Bourque, CMC

Our Associates are:

Mr. Mitch Verrier, P.Eng.
Ms. Anita LeBlanc, CHRP

Company Details

Year Established: 2003

Number of Employees: 4

Company Information

Kevin Brown
Title: Partner/Associate
Area of Responsibility: Research/Development/Engineering
Telephone: (506) 389-7893
Fax: (506) 382-8887
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Laurie Bourque
Title: Partner/Associate
Area of Responsibility: Domestic Sales & Marketing
Telephone: (506) 389-7893


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