J.R. Cousin Consultants Ltd.

Address: 91A Scurfield Blvd.
Winnipeg, MB R3Y 1G4

Mailling Address: 91A Scurfield Blvd.
Winnipeg, MB R3Y 1G4

Phone: (204) 489-0474

Fax: (204) 489-0487

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Website: http://www.jrcc.ca

J.R. Cousin Consultants Ltd.

J.R. Cousin Consultants Ltd. (JRCC) is a Manitoba based
consulting engineering firm. The company was established in 1981
of highly professional and experienced personnel. The firm is
a privately held Canadian company. All shareholders are company
employees. The firm has established a sound, stable, dedicated
professional engineering business, has maintained the same
principals since inception, and has a team of highly skilled
professionals with years of experience who have gained the
respect of Clients and fellow professionals alike. The company
has experienced steady growth since inception and owns the office
building it operates from at 91A Scurfield Boulevard in Winnipeg.

In 1991, our firm received the Certificate of Merit in the
Environment category from Canada Awards for Business Excellence.
The Canada Awards for Business Excellence is sponsored by
Industry, Science and Technology Canada in recognition of
outstanding achievement. In 1995, the 'Ste. Agathe Pipeline
Project', for which we completed conceptual development and
engineering works, received the 1994 Award of Excellence for
Sustainable Development for the Public Sector as presented by the
Manitoba Round Table on the Environment and Economy. In November
1995, our firm received a prestigious Canadian Consulting
Engineering Award of Excellence in the Civil Engineering category
for the Ste. Agathe pipeline, which involves a water plant and 23
kilometres of pipeline works for the R.M. of Ritchot.
In 2004, we received an Environmental Award of Merit from the Consulting Engineers of Manitoba for our works on the R.M. of Hanover - Blumenort Aerated Lagoon Project.

The senior engineers of the firm each have over 25 years of
experience in municipal engineering. The firm consists of
planners, design and construction engineers, design and cost
engineers, environmental, geotechnical and hydrogeological
engineers, resident engineers, technical personnel, technical
assistants, draftspersons and computer operators. We are
committed to continued training and education ensuring that
latest technology developments are applied. Clients are assured
of professional engineering services on every project.

- Drainage
- Environmental
- Flood Control
- Geotechnical/Hydrogeology
- Land Development
- Landscaping
- Municipal
- Planning
- Roads
- Wastewater Treatment
- Water Treatment

In 1989 the company designed and constructed our office building specifically to suit our staff and to accommodate the upgrades in computer networks, technology and reference material. The computer network at JRCC provides state of the art ethernet functions and software. JRCC had developed and implemented software that allows complete Remote Monitoring of Water and Sewage Treatment Plants. This software allows troubleshooting on-line with the operator to quickly resolve any day-to-day operational problems. Additionally, custom in-house software has been developed to complete engineering and calculations as related to lagoons, reservoirs, drainage and other works. This software allows designs to be optimised for the specific needs of the client.

Company Details

Year Established: 1981

Total Sales ($CDN): $1,000,000 - $5,000,000

Number of Employees: 15

Company Information

Tim Lasuik
Title: Vice President
Area of Responsibility: Management Executive
Telephone: (204) 489-0474
Fax: (204) 489-0477
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Jerry Cousin
Title: President
Area of Responsibility: Management Executive
Telephone: (204) 489-0474
Fax: (204) 489-0487
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Consulting Engineer - Municipal-water Supply

Consulting Engineer - Municipal-sewage Disposal

Consulting Engineer - Municipal-roads And Streets

Consulting Engineer - Buildings-electrical

Consulting Engineer - Buildings-structural

Consulting Engineer - Buildings-heating/Ventilation

Consulting Engineer - Forest/Fish/Agrltr-irrigation

Consulting Engineer - Environment-waste Disposal/Treatment

Consulting Engineer - Transportation-bridges

Consulting Engineer - Transportation-dredging

Consulting Engineer - Geolgy/Geophysic/Srvy-engineering Surveys

Environmental Consultant - Consulting

Environmental Consultant - Engineering Design/Specifications

Environmental Consultant - Environmental Impact Assessments

Environmental Consultant - Plant Retrofits(design)

Environmental Consultant - Regulations And Standards Consulting

Environmental Consultant - Utility Rate Studies

Environmental Consultant - Waste Transport And Disposal

Environmental Consultant - Waste Treatment

Environmental Consultant - Potable Water Supply,Treatment,Distribution

Environmental Consultant - Sewage Collection And Treatment

Environmental Consultant - Site/Land Reclamations

Environmental Consultant - Stormwater Runoff

Environmental Consultant - Water Quality

Environmental Consultant - Waste Handling-municipal Solid Waste

Environmental Consultant - Sanitary Landfills

Environmental Consultant - Sewage Treatment Plants

Environmental Consultant - Transfer Stations Or Waste Depots

Environmental Consultant - Water Purification Plants

Environmental Consultant - Site Assessment

Environmental Consultant - Training And Education

Environmental Consultant - Natural Area Parks, Recreation And Tourism

Environmental Consultant - Erosion Control/Landslide Protection

Environmental Consultant - Water Resources Planning

Environmental Consultant - Coastal Areas And Shoreline Management

Environmental Consultant - Hydrogeology

Environmental Consultant - Municipal Solid Waste

Environmental Consultant - Hazardous Waste-chemical

Environmental Consultant - Soil And Groundwater

Environmental Consultant - Animal Waste

Environmental Consultant - Chemical/Physical Waste Treatment Plants

Environmental Consultant - Recycling Plant-liquid Waste(oil,Solvent,Etc)

Consulting Engineer - Environment-impact Studies

Consulting Engineer - Geolgy/Geophysic/Srvy-geology/Geophysics

Consulting Engineer - Buildings-other