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J.P. Cripwell Associates

Developing information engineering and knowledge management
theory and practical techniques for implementation in

Volunteer participation in the Engineer-in-Residence program for
the Professional Engineers of Ontario, at A. Y. Jackson S.S.

Data analysis and modelling for the purpose of setting rates for
air navigation services in Canada.

Analysis of impacts of rates, rate changes and other changes to
the global air navigation system, on the revenues and rate
structures for NavCanada.

Installation of OSCAR model in Bulgaria, Kenya and Tanzania.

Company Details

Year Established: 1996

Number of Employees: 1

Company Information

J. Paul Cripwell
Title: President
Area of Responsibility: Management Executive
Telephone: (613) 592-3004
Fax: (613) 592-3004
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Railway Cost Modelling

Data Analysis - Provision of data analysis expertise for examination of trends and characteristics in databases. - Includes both statistical and intuitive analysis - Analysis boundaries include the data collection, meaning, instruments and process to help determine analytical accuracy and meaning.

Systems Design And Functionality - Provision of systems desgin expertise during the functional requirements stage of software development. - Specializing in user requirements, especially those that are not well articulated, or understood, during the initial interview process. - Providing advisory services for users who do not understand the technical aspects, and also user aspects for the technical project personnel.

Knowledge Management Provision of consulting services for implementation of knowledge management strategies to improve internal company expertise and with a view on improving the bottom line.

Airport Ground Transportation Surveys, Analysis And Modelling Providing ground transportation survey design and survey management. Providing analysis of data groundside surveys and interpretation of results. Modelling of ground transportation facilities.