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Integra Technologies Limited

INTEGRA Technologies provides specialty mechanical services which
ensure the safety, reliability and effectiveness of Bolted
Joints. The company's services are used by the world's Power Generation and Oil & Gas Industries to reduce the impact that bolting processes (assembly or disassembly) have on outage durations. INTEGRA's Bolted Joint Reliability Services are used by this industry as well as the Hydrocarbons Processing Industry to rectify and eliminate dangerous bolted flange leakage problems. In addition, the company's considerable expertise and capabilities in this field are often called upon by clients who wish to outsource all
of their boting-related requirements.

Company Details

Year Established: 1995

Total Sales ($CDN): $1,000,000 - $5,000,000

Number of Employees: 40

Company Information

P. Gordon Britton
Title: President
Area of Responsibility: Management Executive


Joint Assembly/Disassembly Services

Boiler Service And Supplies

Engineering/Construction - Offshore Structures

Diving Services And Equipment

Maintenance And Operations Support

Oil Field Equipment/Services/Supplies

Engineering - Consultants

Blackhawk High Performance Hydraulic Nuts
BlackHawk High Performance Hydraulic Nuts are used to replace traditional nuts eliminating the need for torquing or hammer tightening. BlackHawk nuts are self tightening using a simple hydraulic coonection. go to:


Bolting Services INTEGRA provides key services to ensure the reliability and effectiveness of bolted joints. The company is contracted by clients experiencing joint leakage problems in their plants as well as those wishing to minimize outage durations by modifying their bolting procedures. Our services include Gasket and Flange Analysis, In-situ machining, Controlled Bolting (tensioning, torquing, thermal), Qualiy Assurance (ultrasonic bolt load measurements), Outage Project Management (related to bolting issues) and Trouble Shooting / Process Improvement Consultations.

Ultrasonic Bolt Load Measurement Services Ultrasonic measurement is performed on studs and bolts to ensure that accurate loading of these fasteners is acheived. Accurate tightening of bolts is essential to achieve overall integrity and reliability of the flanged joint.

In-place Machining Services Crucial to joint leakage reduction programmes, portable machine tools are utilized to repair and restore joint components to original specifications or to modify them for new process circumstances. This service is often used on flanges to reface or modify the gasket sealing.

Fugitive Emissions Monitoring Sealchek is INTEGRA's unique fugitive emmissions monitoring service. The service monitors for leaks of volatile organic compounds (VOC's) in critical plant operations. Sealchek is utilized to help clients ensure compliance with industry and environmental regulations.

Turbine Coupling Services INTEGRA's Turbine coupling services consist of in-situ coupling machining and coupling bolt retrofits. Our rapid line boring capabilities (usually less than 2 hours per hole) significantly reduce outage durations when such is required. This service, termed 'BFW Process' is central whenever traditional problem- prone turbine coupling bolts are replaced by Hydraulic Coupling Bolts.

Turbine Assembly And Disassembly Services Integra's FasTrak system opens and closes turbine casings with record-breaking speed. By integrating the most advanced induction bolt heating system with hydraulic turbine closure and ultrasonic bolt load measurement, FasTrak slashes the outage time required for turbine overhauls.

Project Management Services INTEGRA Technologies liaises with a client's Design Engineering Firm to develop bolting procedural specifications for new plants. In doing so, the client can thus be assured of a leak free start-up of his facility. Furthermore, these initial Project Management services can help to ensure optimum plant operation by eliminating bolting related problems throughout the life of the plant before they can otherwise occur.

Bolting Tool Rentals Hydraulic torque wrenches, hydraulic bolt tensioners, hydraulic nut splitters and ancillary equipment including Steam Turbine disassembly tools can be rented by Contractors and End-users.

Portable Machine Tool Rentals INTEGRA provides the rental of portable in-place machining equipment for tasks such as flange facing, milling and boring.

Hanger And Pipe Stress Analysis Services Utilizing proprietary equipment and methodology, INTEGRA Technologies provides unique services to determine the loads carried by pipe and large equipment supporting hangers. Third Parties around the world have recognized the importance of these services as a critical coponent of comprehensive hanger stress analysis programmes.