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InnerSell Inc.

InnerSell is a sales tool used by:
- Sales Professionals so no matter what a customer needs they
can get it through them.
- Businesses who want access to pre-qualified sales leads and
only pay for those lead that turn into sales.

InnerSell Inc. provides access to a collective intelligence
infrastructure that collects, distributes, and manages referrals
and sales leads. This intelligence is used to create global lead
generation and referral management solutions.

Its all done via an online application -

It can be applied to almost any industry, in almost any
geography. InnerSell's current focus is Businesses and Sales
Professionals selling to the North American business-to-business

How Does InnerSell Work?
We collect sales leads from our network of Sales Professionals
who leverage us to identify viable Suppliers who can address a
customer need, which they or their employer cant address.

We distribute sales leads to our network of Suppliers. When the
lead provided results in a sale, the Supplier pays InnerSell a

What do you do:
We help sale professionals, and small and medium sized
businesses do three things:
Increase close ratios
Shorten sales cycles, and
Improve customer loyalty
How do you do that
There are two sides to our business:

For sales professional we do that by providing access to a
simple online sales tool that helps them:
Solve more customer problems
Become what we call their customers emotional favourite
So customers call them first when they need something

For businesses we provide pre-qualified sales lead on customers
that are in the not searching alternatives buying mode, which
leads to three things:
1)Higher close ratios
2)Quicker decisions
3)Higher prices

AND they only pay for the leads that actually turn into sales

Recently we have been getting requests to license our referral
management engine to associations, chambers of commerce and
those that manage channels or third party relationships.

What we are learning is that most companies manage their
referral programs with paper-based systems that are time
consuming to manage and track.

We are currently in negotiations with several organizations to
manage their lead/referral programs using a transition based
pricing model.
How did you get started?

I have a 15-year history of selling success throughout the world
and never really thought about how I did that until I joined
WorldCom on September 10th 1999. Even in a post 9/11 business
environment it took me less than 6 months to be named the #1
sales person in the entire country. Then when WorldCom began to
have its troubles and my ability to sell was reduced. Thats
when I started reflected on my success and I came to the
conclusion that to be truly successful at selling you only need
three things:

1)A viable product that you can actually deliver

With timing being the hardest to come by
What made you think of the business?
Most people will tell you that in selling timing is everything.

At InnerSell weve come to say that timing is the ONLY thing!

During my post WorldCom reflection I came to realize that no
matter what I was selling my customers were always in one of
three buying modes:
1)Status Quo
2)Actively Searching Alternatives
3)Not searching alternatives

And it was by being one of the first suppliers to talk to the
customers during the Not searching alternatives mode that my
close ratios increased 300%, (from 25% to 75%)

Let me talk a little bit more about the Not Searching
Alternatives mode:
The not searching alternatives mode is where the customer
realizes what they have no longer meets the needs of the
business BUT they have so much else they are managing that they
cant get to it.
There are three ways to get timing:
1)Through numbers make enough calls and youll
eventually find opportunities
2)You can become what InnerSell calls your
customers Emotional Favourite so they call you first when
they need something, or
3)Someone can tell you the customer has a need for your
product or service
How are we different?
Let me keep my response to the needs of a business.

For small and medium sized businesses our Unique Selling
Proposition is:
1)A maximum of two businesses see the details of any sales
2)They decide the value and structure of the commissions
they pay, and
3)They dont pay for leads unless they result in a sale

How does it work?
InnerSell is a web-based lead collection, distribution and
tracking service. It was developed with the input of both Sales
Professionals and Suppliers of products and services.

There are three basic steps:

1.We collect sales leads from our network of Sales
Professionals, who use InnerSell as a trusted channel to
identify viable Suppliers who can address a customer need.
2.We show a list of Suppliers that can address that need,
along with each Supplier's track record and the commission they
3.We distribute the sales lead to the suppliers chosen by
the sales professionals and when the lead results in a sale; the
Supplier pays InnerSell a commission. We then pass the majority
of this commission on to the Sales Professional who first
entered the lead.

Sales professionals tell us what the customer needs, which
Suppliers to inform and we look after the rest.

What proof do you have that the system works

Weve been collecting and distributing leads since May this year
and most of them have a sales cycle that has not been completed

Having said that we do have a number of sale leads that have
resulted in sales and they have all been services. Things like
1.Business coaching
2.Sales training
3.Scientific Tax Credit Rebates

I dont have specific number of sales leads but I can tell you
that the combined number of leads in the system is almost 2000.

What other types of leads are there
We pay a commission on three different types of leads:
1)Customer needs (70%)
2)Potential Supplier leads (up to 20%) ongoing
commission paid each year the supplier subscribes
3)Potential Sales Professional leads (10% first 18 monts)

We are not a multi-level marketing company. Our business is
strictly referral based we dont cold call and we dont

How do you know the suppliers are viable
We created a customer satisfaction ranking system that uses the
following seven factors
Delivered on time
Delivered on budget
Quality and reliability
Customer service/post sales support
Overall value for price paid

When a supplier subscribes to InnerSell they enter information
on their products and services and information on their

This gives each supplier an initial ranking. We also track the
number of references a supplier has knowing that sales
professional are more likely to trust a supplier with a 4 star
ranking with 10 references over a supplier with a 5 star ranking
and only two references.

We then collect the same information on every solution that is
delivered via the system.

What is important to the suppliers in the system is that the
ranking but not the names of the references is visible to when a
supplier is listed as viable solutions to a customers need.

Why do you charge suppliers a subscription fee?
We charge a subscription fee for three reasons:
1)Only two suppliers ever see the details of an opportunity
2)If people dont pay for subscription fee they are less
likely to follow up on the leads
3)It helps us find viable suppliers that believe in their
ability to compete in an open market and deliver on their

What is the problem that you solve?

On average Sales professionals lose 80% of the opportunities
they work on.

They spend 80% of their time on the opportunities that are least
likely to turn into a sale. And if they do make the sale they
are the disloyal, demanding customers that are 80% of their

The biggest reason for this is that the salesperson was not one
of the first suppliers in to see the customer.

We solve that problem by helping small and medium sized
businesses get in front of customer sooner so they are more
likely to win the business. And when they do win the business
the customer is more likely to be one of those core loyal
customers that:
1)Provide 80% of your profit
2)Are willing to be a reference when you need one and
3)Provide referrals when you ask for them

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