Human Sciences Hub

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North York, ON M3M 3B9

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1133 Sheppard Ave. W.
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Human Sciences Hub

The Human Sciences Hub, Canadas unique research centre, is now available to support the needs of government, industry, and academia in human performance research, particularly as it relates to public protection, safety and security.

Created by Defence Research and Development Canada, this innovation Hub uses the world-class human experimentation facilities and expertise of the DRDC Toronto research centre. This renowned facility has served the Department of National Defence and Canadian Forces for 65 years, gaining international recognition and acclaim for its research into human performance and the integration of the human system with other systems in challenging and stressful environments.

The Hub provides its partners with the benefits of experience and unmatched facilities and the credibility of objective research conducted at a federal government laboratory. It is a unique, multi-disciplinary human sciences research centre offering its partners access to over 200 scientific and support staff across a broad spectrum of disciplines.

These highly-skilled professionals include behavioural, physiological and biomedical scientists; ergonomists and human factors engineers; life-support systems and medical specialists --- all focused on applying expert knowledge of human capabilities and limitations. It is a unique opportunity, both nationally and internationally, to reap the synergistic benefits of having such a critical mass of applied human sciences expertise literally under one roof.

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Information Systems

Simulation And Modeling For Acquisition And Training To apply and advance human factors knowledge and techniques in the exploitation of modelling and simulation for equipment and acquisition, training and mission rehearsal.

Experimental Diving To ensure the operational capability of Canadian Forces diving and underwater intervention through research and development, training and support of accident investigations.

Aerospace Life Support To enhance the operational effectiveness and safety of aircrew during exposure to the stresses of the aerospace environment.

Biomedical Sciences To conduct R&D in support of Canadian Forces' requirements to assess and prevent health hazards, prepare for and sustain the delivery of health care and diagnose, treat and manage illness and trauma arising from conventional military operations.

Environmental & Applied Ergonomics to maximize the operational capability of Canadian Forces personnel under adverse environmental conditions through the development of personal protective clothing/equipment, physical training methods, ergogenic aids and human engineering methods/tools

Human Factors Of Command Systems Design, development, testing, operation and training of command systems.