Highland Resources Trade School

Address: 4 Dryden Ave.
Sydney, NS B1P 6J7

Mailling Address: P.O. Box 1055
4 Dryden Ave.
Sydney, NS B1P 6J7

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Highland Resources Trade School

Highland Resources Limited is an accredited Trade School
registered with the Department of Education, providing
specialized training and education programs.
A comprehensive training program for Personal Care Workers
(PCW'S) has been developed in accordance with the Nova Scotia
Department of Health curriculum requirements and The PCW Advisory
Board. This Course leads to certification of PCW's for work in
Level 2 Long-Term Care Facilities (Licensed Nursing Homes and
Homes for the Aged).

Highland Resources is an enterprise of New Dawn Enterprises
Limited, a community development corporation committed to the
creation and operation of self-sustaining ventures that serve
community interest. New Dawn has a long history of involvement
in the provision and delivery of services to seniors. The
training of Personal Care Workers is a natural extension of its
experience and activities in this field.

Established in 1993, Highland Resources responded to the
community requests for quality training that would produce
skilled Personal Care Workers. This designed program meets the
standards of excellence in course content, instructors, teaching
methods, supervisory and evaluation procedures. The philosophy
of the program is that compassion, consideration and respect are
just as important in the care of the elderly as technical

The calibre of training and education at Highland Resources has
meant that its graduates have achieved extremely high rates of
certification and job placement.

The PCW program consists of three main components:
* 200 hours of Theory
* 455 hours of practical training in a designated Level 2
Long-Term Care Facility
* 480 hours of internship in a Level 2 Long-Term Care Facility

Courses at Highland Resources are taught by specialists in the
field and exceed the minimum curriculum requirements. The PCW
curriculum includes:
*Nutrition and Dietetics
*CPR and First Aid
*Palliative Care - Oncology
*Psychology of Aging
*Life Skills and Job Search Techniques

Highland Resources' Facilities are located in the newly renovated
premises at Pine Tree Park on the outskirts of Sydney. The
Practicum Training takes place at The MacGillivray Guest Home,
Sydney while the following facilities accept our students for
their Internship Hours: The MacGillivray Guest Home, The Cove
Guest Home, Sydney;
Victoria Haven, Glace Bay; Maple Hill Manor, New Waterford;
Northside Community Guest Home, North Sydney; and the Miner's
Memorial Guest Home, Sydney Mines.

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Telephone: (902) 539-9560
Fax: (902) 539-7210
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