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Toronto, ON M4M 2G7

Mailling Address: 240 Broadview Ave.
Toronto, ON M4M 2G7

Phone: (416) 461-1570

Toll Free: (888) 437-7723

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The company is a leading Canadian strategist on behalf of higher
education internationalization initiatives. It focusses
particularly on initiatives in emerging world economies in Asia,
Africa and Latin America.

With many offices and Canadian and locally engaged staff abroad,
Higher-Edge assists clients in emerging markets with market
research and reporting, trade show representation, overseas
liaison, logistical delivery of product or service launches,
legal and political issues, etc.

Higher-Edge is well-disposed to serve Canadian and foreign
institutions and companies.

Company Details

Number of Employees: 13

Company Information

Mel D. Broitman
Title: Chief Overseas Officer
Telephone: (416) 461-9316
Fax: (416) 461-3716

Dani Zaretsky
Title: Chief Ideas Officer
Area of Responsibility: Research/Development/Engineering
Telephone: (416) 461-9316
Fax: (416) 461-3716
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Nick Yeo
Title: Editor
Area of Responsibility: Research/Development/Engineering, Electronic Data Interchange
Telephone: (416) 461-4470
Fax: (416) 461-3716
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Student Screening And Verification

Academic Exchanges Higher-Edge draws on its experience in a wide variety of countries and institutional situations to secure durable and working exchange programs between academic institutions.

Product Distribution Higher-Edge offers product suitability studies, market research, and strategy development for product distribution

Service Distribution And Distance Education Higher-Edge offers market research development and service marketing

Development Project Higher-Edge offers support to academic institution endeavours at the planning, proposal, and delivery stages. It liaises with relevant local arms of funding, can investigate potential local partners, and offers logistical support to institutions' fact- finding missions.

Student Recruitment Higher-Edge works with academic institutions on a consultancy basis to identify objectives such as increasing international student enrolement numbers, attracting top international scholars, and improving the mix or balance of students with regards to gender or countries or origin or academic interests.

Faculty Recruitment Higher-Edge works with academic institutions in Canada and around the world to develop faculty recruitment strategies and implement them.