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HUGS International Incorporated

HUGS International Incorporated - The centre for information and
resources about nondieting. We offer support and programs for
people seeking a lifestyle without diets.


Linda was a student in the Foods and Nutrition Program in Ryerson
Polytechnical Institute, Toronto for two years, later
transferring to McGill University in Montreal where she
subsequently earned a Bachelor of Science degree (Food Sciences,
majoring in Nutrition). After graduation Linda worked as a food
scientist in Montreal for two years before relocating
to Winnipeg, Manitoba for her dietetic internship at the Health
Sciences Centre. As a registered dietitian Linda soon established
her own private consulting practice. Counselling services were
provided to clients from the community in individual or group
sessions and to cardiovascular and diabetic clinics in the
hospital setting. This conventional work was rounded out with a
venture as a restaurant owner and specialty food (quiche)
producer and marketer.

Mission Statement: To challenge the myths of the diet industry
by shifting the attitudes and beliefs of the public consciousness
from the preoccupation with weight and size to an acceptance and
appreciation of healthier living. To develop the company for
effective delivery of the message of anti-diet, healthy living
through media appearances and workshops/presentations and through
offering the tools for change with programs and products.

Product/Service: Anti-diet lifestyle program which includes
support materials; books; fitness video, audio tape and
facilitator kit. The program is used by hospitals, health units
and clinics. Presentations/Workshops: Linda is available for
presentations, seminars and workshops to professional and general
public audiences. Her message is an effective and inspiring
demonstration of the alternative to society's entrenched diet
mentality. Linda also writes articles on the nondiet topic for
publications by invitation.

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Year Established: 1987

Number of Employees: 3

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Linda Omichinski
Title: Data Provider
Telephone: (204) 428-3432
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