Groupe Uni-Spec

Address: 1350, rue de la Manouane
Chicoutimi, QC G7K 1H6

Mailling Address: 1350, rue de la Manouane
Chicoutimi, QC G7K 1H6

Phone: (418) 690-0454

Toll Free: (800) 567-7732

Fax: (418) 690-0269

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Groupe Uni-Spec

Our corporate objective is to assist all types of business
whether manufacturing, distribution or research in automating
their process for collecting data. We take for granted that all
sectors of business activities will at one time or another need
to compile data, in order to improve the quality of their
products, or simply better manage their business. All written
printed information can now be computerized and processed at
will. Today, Groupe Uni-Spec is involved in various spheres of
activities and expanding continuously into new applications.

Company Details

Year Established: 1986

Total Sales ($CDN): $100,000 - $200,000

Number of Employees: 12

Company Information

Ralph Brassard
Title: Directeur Mise en march
Telephone: (418) 690-0454
Fax: (418) 690-0269
Email: Click Here

Benoit Verreault
Title: President
Area of Responsibility: Management Executive
Telephone: (418) 690-0454
Fax: (418) 690-0269
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Gusbase Windows

Gps Navigation
The GPS Sattracker kit includes all the equipment needed to collect georeferenced data in the field. This kit includes light, resistant portable input accessories. The major component is the Sattracker G8E, which gathers GPS data from the satellites.

Maxi-Vente is the solution you need to computerize sales and distribution of your products. The Maxi-Vente order taking and invoicing software works with hand-held micro-computers to provide effective management of your sales and service routes. Operating the system: The sales management system is installed on a desktop computer and can be used to configure clients, visits, inventory, prices, banners, taxes, sales codes and suppliers. On the road, the distributor follows the preprogrammed visiting sequence. Client orders are entered in the hand-held micro-Computer manually or with a bar code reader. Invoices can then be printed for clients if desired.

Meter Manager Software
Collecting data will never be the same with this system for recording readings of water, gas and electricity meters directly with a handheld unit. For maximum efficiency, the data are then transferred directly to the meter management system on an office-based computer. The handheld micro-computers used for data input are specifically designed for difficult environments. They stand up to variable temperatures, shocks and humidity.

Soft-neige Software
The Soft-Neige concept consists of controlling all the steps of handling collected snow, This turnkey technological solution is available in modules to meet the specific needs of your municipality or business. This solution use RF, bar code and modem technology.

Gus-inspection Software
Gus-Inspection is used to define rounds for data collection equipment that requires constant monitoring. The data can be of different types, both quantitatively (temperature, pressure, DC or AC current) and qualitatively (high, low, open, closed, stopped or operating). The program then is designed for determinig the data to enter (control points) for each piece of equipment in a round. The collected maintenance round data are recorded by hand-held Microflex devices. They are then tranferred to a desktop computer for data management (compilation, reporting, graphic interpretation).

Quali-plus Software
Effective leading-edge technology using a process to establish and code snags that is easy to use and flexible. Quali-Plus structures and manages information to target and control snags related to production of a very specific product, by sectors.

Collecting Data Software
Collecting data application and information management software for industries and municipalities.

Logi-Trace offers full tracing of animals from slaughter to delivery in order to meet the criteria for quality of an increasingly demanding market. It was developed to meet the needs of businesses involved in slaughtering and processing cattle. However, as it is available with multiple independant modules, it can also be used by other types of businesses such as food processing plants or other production plants. These modules are : receiving, production tracing, labelling and shipping.