GSI Environnement Inc.

Address: 855 Ppin St
Sherbrooke, QC J1L 2P8

Mailling Address: 855 Ppin St
Sherbrooke, QC J1L 2P8

Phone: (819) 829-0101

Fax: (819) 829-2717

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GSI Environnement Inc.


GSI Environnement has been working in the environmental sector since 1986, excelling in the fields of integrated waste management and site remediation. Both of these activities include: collection and transport, operation of recycling, composting and treatment of contaminated soil and effluents facilities, as well as the marketing of eco-products mainly for the horticultural and agricultural markets.

GSI Environnement inc. has five (5) offices located in Sherbrooke (head office), Quebec, Varennes, Boston (Massachusetts) and Aix-en-Provence (France) and ten (10) treatment facilities. Its division, Les Composts du Quebec Inc., specialises mostly in added-value horticultural products (bulk and bagged) and sells over 40 products distributed through its vast network of retailers in Quebec, Eastern Ontario, New-Brunswick and New England (USA).

Integrated waste management:
- Collection, transport and recycling technologies for municipal, industrial, commercial and institutional sectors.
- Dewatering, treatment and beneficial use of municipal, industrial and agri-food processing sludges
- Composting of organic wastes and product marketing
- Agricultural beneficial use of residuals
Management of contaminated sites:
- In-situ and ex-situ site remediation treatment of contamination groundwater and soil
- Remediation and reclamation of degraded sites

Operation of Treatment facilities
- Composting Centre of the Eastern Townships, Bury
- Composting Centre, St-Henri de Levis
- Composting Centre, St-Jean de Chrysostome
- Composting Centre La Compostiere, Quebec
- Composting Centre of the Laurentians, Lachute
- Composting Centre of the Outaouais, Ange-Gardien
- Composting Centre, St-Hyacinthe
- Environmental Technology Trial and Demonstration Centre, Sherbrooke
- Multifunctional Soil Management Centre of Quebec, Ste-Croix de Lotbiniere
- Multifunctional Soil Management Centre of the Laurentians, Lachute

Established reputation in local and international markets
GSI Environnement has experienced continuous growth since its
formation. It has rapidly moved onto the forefront of the
environmental sector, in Quebec, Ontario and the Maritime
provinces. The company also exports its expertise and products to
the U.S., France and Africa.

In recognition of its impressive growth and the noteworthy
results of its R&D programs, GSI Environnement has received
numerous awards, including the following :

- The Mercury Company of the year 2003 and the Mercury New investment project 2003, given by the Chambre de Commerce du Qubec
- The Bronze, Eastern Townships area, from the National Bank of Canada PME-2003
- The Performance PME 2003, Services - Small business, from the journal Les Affaires
- The Excellence en environnement 2003, Large business category, given by the conseil rgional en environnement en Estrie (CREE)
- Innovation 2000, given by the Quebec Agriculture Show for the AlcamixMC product
- The Phnix de lenvironnement 1999
- Gold at the PME 1994 organized by the National Bank of Canada
- The Mercury for Professional and general services business - 1994, given by the Chambre de Commerce du Qubec
- The Canada Business Excellence - 1993, Environment category

GSI Environnement has become the choice of clients from the governmental, industrial, institutional and commercial sectors who, faced with complex environmental problems, are determined to find the most appropriate, economical and long-term solutions possible.

A major R & D program
A real hot-bed of technological innovation, GSI Environnement
invests at least ten percent (10%) of its annual turnover in
research and development. Many avant-garde technologies have
seen the light of day tanks to this policy, and now provide
appropriate technological solutions for a range of environmental
problems in the fields of wastewater, waste management and
soil remediation.

The company has offices in three centres : Sherbrooke, Varennes
and Quebec city.

855 Ppin St
Sherbrooke, Quebec
J1L 2P8
Tel.: 819-829-0101
Fax : 819-829-2717

1471 Lionel-Boulet blvd
Suite 20
Varennes, Qubec
J3X 1P7
Tel.: (450) 929-4949
Fax: (450) 929-1659

420 Charest East blvd
Suite 320
Qubec, Qubec
G1K 8M4
Tel.: 418-872-4227
Fax : 418-872-0149

Company Details

Year Established: 1987

Total Sales ($CDN): $10,000,000 - $25,000,000

Number of Employees: 115

Company Information

Arnold Ross
Title: Vice President
Area of Responsibility: Domestic Sales & Marketing, Manufacturing/Production/Operations
Telephone: (819) 829-0101
Fax: (819) 829-2717
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Alain Boissonneault
Title: Vice President
Area of Responsibility: Administrative Services, Finance/Accounting
Telephone: (819) 829-0101
Fax: (819) 829-2717

Emmanuelle Landry
Title: Coordonnatrice des communications
Telephone: (819) 829-0101
Fax: (819) 829-2717
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Cynthia Beasolo
Title: Coordonnatrice des communications
Telephone: (450) 929-4949
Fax: (450) 929-1659
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Franois Gourdeau
Title: Vice President
Area of Responsibility: Domestic Sales & Marketing
Telephone: (819) 829-0101
Fax: (819) 829-2717
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Jean Shoiry
Title: President
Area of Responsibility: Export Sales & Marketing, Research/Development/Engineering, Government Relations
Telephone: (819) 829-0101
Fax: (819) 829-2717
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Environmental Products And Services

Fertilizers & Fertilizer Matirials
amendements organiques

Remediation Of Contaminated Sites


Environmental Services Environmental Services sanitary landfill and biogas management; sludge treatment and transformation; composting and recycling; solid and liquid wastes treatment; management (remediation) of contaminated soil and substances; laboratory sampling / analysis; strategic counselling and envrionemental communication.

Overal Environmental Protection Overal Environmental Protection Hydraulic barriers, waste water treatment systems, biofiltration of air, sludge management.