Fafard et Frres Ltd

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Saint-Bonaventure, QC J0C 1C0

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Fafard et Frres Ltd

Fafard et Frres Lte is located in St-Bonaventure, Qubec. The company is part of the Fafard Group who owns 10 peat bog, covering 10,000 acres, where only half of it is in exploitation. Its operations began in 1940 with peat moss harvesting. Today, Fafard et Frres also produces growth mixtures for greenhouses and nurseries, as well as a variety of special mixtures, compost and mulch. Close to 5 million bags are filled for customers each year and from this production, approximately 40% is exported.

At the research and development level, different ongoing studies are conduct with important partners for peat moss uses in the environmental field, particularly for filtration and as an absorbent. Some processes are already known but research and development need to continue for the application itself.

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Michel Levesque
Title: Vice President
Telephone: (819) 396-2293
Fax: (819) 396-2136
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Environmental Products And Services

Recovery By Selected And Dried Peat Moss.
Fafard et Frres is specialized in harvesting, treatment and marketing of peat moss which is recognized for its great absorbancy. Some peat moss categories can absorb oils from diverse sources while floating on water.

Treatment By Selected Peat Moss Filtration.
Some categories of peat moss at a certain decomposition level present high absorbent properties, and at a lower level of decomposition present excellent filtration properties. They are highly efficient in treating wastewater and leachate from landfill and compost sites.