Lifestyles International - Independent Distributor

Address: 13131- 15th Ave.
Surrey, BC V4A 1K8

Mailling Address: 13131- 15th Ave.
Surrey, BC V4A 1K8

Phone: (604) 538-8960

Toll Free: 1(800) 331-2763

Fax: (604) 538-8964

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F.O.R.T.A. International Marketing Systems, Inc.

Providing high quality, low cost health products, weight loss
products, personal care products and environmentally safe
biodegradable cleaners. We distribute via home-based
distributors. We control the manufacturing of our products.

Company Details

Year Established: 1989

Total Sales ($CDN): $1,000,000 - $5,000,000

Number of Employees: 2

Company Information

Gino Cassino
Title: Chairman
Telephone: (604) 538-8960
Fax: (604) 538-8964
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Health/Nutrition/Personal Care/Environmentally-friendly Cleaners

Dream Diet Program
A complete Diet program.Available in a month supply kit. All natural, safe and effective. Includes food products, supplements, menu plans, etc and a book written by a doctor to help you understand the key ingredient..ADVANTRA Z

Blend of 23 botanical extracts in liquid (1 oz/day or 28ml/day) or capsule form (2/day). Designed to detoxify the system and build the immune system. Has helped keep healthy people healthy and has helped with many health problems.

Advantra Z Supplements
Dietary supplements. 100% natural, safe and effective. When used properly, one can see safe, weight loss and lean body muscle development. Also used by athletes for recovery and the building of lean muscle tissue.