Explorasport Adventure Coordination Grp

Mailling Address: P.O. Box 933
Stn H
Montreal, QC H3G 2M9

Phone: (514) 731-2862

Fax: (514) 481-2308

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Website: http://www.explorasport.com


Explorasport has certified and consulted to adventure recreation
destinations and activities in Asia, South America, Central
America and North America.

Explorasport is also involved in the import, promotion and marketing of products from Sustainable Development projects and primary industries which provide work and benefit to local populations.

In certification activities, Explorasport continues to Award outdoor recreation specializations and arrange certifications in International Expeditions ~ Cross Country Sking, ~ Alpine skiing ~ Trekking ~ Caving ~ Mountain Biking, ~ Hot Air Ballooning ~ Horseback Riding ~ Climbing Sailing ~ Whitewater Rafting ~ Ice Boating, ~ Scuba diving, ~ Sailboarding ~ Kyaking ~ Wildwater Canoeing,~ Watersking ~ Barefooting ~ Jet Boating ~ Parachuting ~ Skydiving ~ Bungee Jumping ~ Inline Skating, ~ Birdwatching ~ Wilderness trekking ~ Gliding,~ Wildwater Canoeing ~ Watersking ~ Barefooting ~ Deep sea fishing ~ Jetboating ~ Flying ~ http://www.Explorasport.ca

The EcoTaskForce - (A Non-Profit Foundation established by
Explorasport) was established in Asia in 1998, and hopes to
expand throughout the world as a force for environmental
sterwardship and participation. http://www.EcoTaskForce.com

Company Details

Year Established: 1980

Total Sales ($CDN): $1 - $100,000

Number of Employees: 10

Company Information

Philip Mcmaster
Title: Data Provider
Telephone: (514) 481-2308
Fax: (514) 481-2308
Email: Click Here


Adventure Product Branding


Adventure Guide Certification Explorasport Adventure Certification Group verifies recreational facilities and personnel around the world for professionalism, integrity, safety, quality and service. Explorasport certifies individuals and organizations based on local (Green), national (Blue) or international (Gold) criteria. Working hand-in-hand with sport, guiding and tourism authorities, Explorasport Certification promotes and requires membership in good standing in one or more appropriate regulating body. Though the Explorasport Adventure Guide Survey & Database, Explorasport is working closely with the insurance industry to assist in risk assessment and adequate coverage for adventurers and outfitters around the world. Insurance as a profit centre will also be available to clients of adventure operations. Objectives of the Explorasport organization include: - Providing Adventure Travellers with easily recognizable (Canadian Standards) wherever they go. - Constantly improve the reputation of the Adventure Recreation Industry by rewarding those who maintain high standards. - Provide qualified (Explorasport Certified) personnel for Adventure Outfitters or recreational organizations requiring leaders. - Maintain Canadian reputation of excellence and leadership in global adventure travel market.

Eco-tourism Program Consulting Explorasport has experience in TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER and CONSULTING internationally. Co-Development of Guide Training Programs and Eco-Tourism Products was provided to The Mainland Chinese Government in 1999. (See China Daily articles - http://www.chinadaily.com.cn - search under 'mcmaster') Title: Stop homogenization to protect tourism 'China Through My Eyes' by Philip McMaster, is sponsored by the (China) State Bureau of Foreign Experts -(http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/cndydb/1999/04/d4-4eye.d19.html) Title: Private group helps HK nature http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/cndydb/1999/04/d5-1ecot.d17.html ...and has commenced discussions with the Department of Tourism and Commercial Development of the Government of Dubai (in the UNITED ARAB EMIRATES) for the coordination and development of FINANCIAL, SALES and GLOBAL MARKETING ALLIANCES in the area of worldwide adventure tourism. (see article: 'Dubai has potential as adventure travel hub' P.3 GULF NEWS November 11, 1998 http://www.gulf-news.co.ae/111198/index.htm http://www.gulf-news.co.ae/111198/emirates3.htm ) We look forward to offering our service and expertise to other Tourism Authorities around the world.

Adventure Site Certification Explorasport will provide teams of Certified Adventure Auditors & Coordinators to verify SAFETY, QUALITY, CUSTOMER SERVICE and ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP of adventure and eco-tourism operations anywhere in the world. Modeled on ISO 9000, ISO 14000 and SA8000 Standards Systems, the Explorasport EXP2000 Standard audits for an operations' accountability to certain experiential standards.

Eco-entrepreneurship Training Training and preparing local populations to recieve international tourists and to develop locally-based enterprises to serve international tastes and expectations. Eco-Entrepreneurship Training is designed to reduce the 'homogenization' of tourism offerings, support and expose local culture, and differentiate tourism product in a highly competitive world tourism market.

Fair-trade Product Development And Marketing Expertise in the identification, development and marketing of Fair-Trade products from the developing world. Primarily 'natural' products from Latin America, Africa and South East Asia.