Droycon Bioconcepts Inc.

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Mailling Address: 315 Dewdney Ave.
Regina, SK S4N 0E7

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Droycon Bioconcepts Inc.

A biotechnology company focussed on applications relating to
environmental management. Manufacturing is centered on the
production of patented biodetectors distributed under the trademark
BART. Research and development relates to the expansion of
opportunities generated by the BART test systems. Successful
applications have already been developed for the management of
corrosion in the oil and gas industries, clogging in the water
industry, biofouling, and bioremediation. Rehabilitation
technologies have been developed to suppress clogging and corrosion
in various types of wells and drainage systems using a patented
blended chemical heat treatment (BCHT). Most sales are in the
U.S. primarily servicing the water and chemical industries.

Environmental Profile

Droycon specializes in technologies to detect various specific groups of bacteria which pose economic and/or health concerns. The technique commonly employed is the patented biological activity reaction test (BART (TM)). A Windows based software program (BART-SOFT (TM)) allows the data interpretation and file management of the data generated. The coliform test has only recently been announced and efforts are being made to fully automate the testing procedure with a hardware/software package. Prototype trials are currently underway.

ISO 9001 -2000 Certified. Hach Corporation provides a full customer support network globally. Droycon will respond to customer concerns directly when requested.

Droycon's research, development and manufacturing laboratories are centered at the Technology Development Facility of the University of Regina and are capable of undertaking consulting work and producing customised biodetectors to meet the specialized needs of clients where this is appropriate. Droycon is interested in partnership arrangements to develop new technological solutions to microbially induced problems such as clogging, corrosion, acid mine drainage, 'weathering' or others associated with extreme environmental conditions.

Company Details

Year Established: 1987

Number of Employees: 6

Company Information

Roy Cullimore
Title: President
Telephone: (306) 585-1762
Fax: (306) 585-3000
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Vincent Ostryzniuk
Title: Manager
Area of Responsibility: Manufacturing/Production/Operations, Management Executive
Telephone: (306) 585-1762
Fax: (306) 585-3000
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Biodetectors Water

Environmental Products And Services

Bart (tm) Biodetectors And Bart-soft (tm) Interpretation Systems Or Bcht (tm) Rehabilitation And Arcc-pm (tm) Preventative Maintenance.
Droycon Bioconcepts Inc. provides a range of patented biodetectors (Biological Activity Reaction Tests, BART (TM)) which are customised to provide semi-quantitative information on specific groups of microorganisms in water. Some of these tests are used to determine the extent and form of clogging, corrosion, biodegradation and hygiene risk associated with surface-, ground- and wastewaters. These biodetectors sense the following groups: iron related bacteria, IRB-; sulfate reducing bacteria, SRB-; slime forming bacteria, SLYM-; total aerobic bacteria, TAB-; fluorescent pseudomonads, FLOR-; and the microalgae, ALGE-. These biodetectors are carried by some major distributors of water testing equipment and have become a part of diagnostic procedures for the maintenance of a wide variety of water problems involving microbial activity. Data can be filed and interpreted on the BART-SOFT (TM) interpretation systems which operates in the Windows system. One major application has been in the determination of clogging in various forms of water wells. The benefit for operators of water and wastewater systems is that the operators obtain a knowledge base which allows the extent of microbially induced dysfunctions to be determined and remedial measures taken. For clogging water, relief and injection wells as well as severely biofouled systems (such as a paper and pulp mill process line), the remediation involves the patented BCHT (TM) which is a blended chemical/heat treatment which has achieved a greater than 90% success rate in recovering clogged wells in the U.S. Following recovery, there is a customised preventative maintenance program (ARCC-PM (TM)) which is put into place using the appropriate BART (TM) biodetectors with low level remedial treatments as required.

Bart (tm) Biodetectors And Coli-mor (tm) Coliform Biodetector.
Droycon Bioconcepts Inc. has developed and manufactures a range of nine BART (TM) biodetectors and one COLI-MOR (TM) coliform biodetector. These are very easy to use and function at the semi-quantitative level for the specific group of microorganisms being determined. They are used by municipal authorities, government agencies, industries (such as the chemical, oil and pulp and paper), and engineering consultants to monitor waters of a wide variety of types for the presence of biofouling. They are frequently employed routinely in the monitoring of these conditions and are relied upon to determine subsequent treatment strategies where biofouling has been identified and must be managed. Because of their ease of use, these biodetectors are often used as 'scouting' techniques to determine the extent of a possible biofouling problem or biodegradation solution. The COLI-MOR (TM) coliform biodetector is simply packaged and relies for detection of coliform bacteria on a unique and patented gas collection system. This technique is now being developed to allow automatic monitoring.


Well Rehabilitation Services are available for the rehabilitation of clogging/corroded water/oil/gas wells where it has been shown that these conditions have been created by a biofouling. There are two services being offered. The economical service involves the use of a (patent pending) Ultra Acidization process which is at the field testing stage in the Canadian prairies. The second service involves a more sophisticated blended chemical heat treatment (BCHT) which can rehabilitate larger municipal and industrial water wells, drains and relief wells. This service has primarily been developed in the eastern states of the U.S.

Consulting Expertise has been developed in the diagnoses, monitoring and management of nuisance and/or economically significant biofouling events in landfills, well fields, golf courses, and industrial systems. This service can range from primary appraisal through to detailed diagnoses and the recommendation of suitable remediation technologies.