DJA Environmental Consultants Inc.

Address: 5-5100 South Service Rd
Burlington, ON L7L 6A5

Mailling Address: 5-5100 South Service Rd
Burlington, ON L7L 6A5

Phone: (905) 681-6899

Toll Free: 1(888) 681-6899

Fax: (905) 681-6855

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DJA Environmental Consultants Inc.

DJA Environmental Consultants Inc. is a Canadian environmental consulting firm based in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Our firm is committed to providing cost effective environmental services to industry. This commitment is demonstrated by the long term relationships we have established with our clients. We offer environmental services in the areas listed below.

Air Pollution Permits
Stack Testing
Site Investigation and Remediation
3Rs and Hazardous Waste Management
Stewardship Ontario
Environmental Audits and Assessments
Vibration Analysis
Acoustic Testing
Occupational Health and Safety Services
Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14000)

Our professional staff's experience encompasses 'hands on' engineering and operations experience obtained in the chemical manufacturing and environmental / engineering consulting industries. Practical engineering services have been provided for more than 100 clients across North America.

Company Details

Year Established: 1995

Company Information

Dennis Anderson
Title: President
Telephone: (905) 681-6899
Fax: (905) 681-6855
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Air Pollution Permits

Stack Testing In-house equipment for USEPA and Ontario MOE stack sampling methods ( i.e. - Odour, particulate matter, ammonia, hydrogen chloride, hydrgen fluoride, formaldehyde, etc.

Site Investigation And Remediation Phase II - IV activities Underground storage tanks (UST) management Hydrogeological investigations Site decommissioning and building decontamination

Wastewater Permitting Treatability Studies Process Design Compliance monitoring and source testing

3rs And Hazardous Waste Management 3Rs program development and compliance auditing Permitting Storage area design Supervision and site closures Biomedical waste management

Stewardship Ontario Identify the products for which your company is responsible Determine the amount of each product distributed in Ontario Weight and categorize the packaging for each product for which you are responsible Evaluate the various calculation options Report data to Stewardship Ontario Evaluate methods of reducing future levies to Stewardship Ontario

Environmental Audits And Assessments Due diligence Regulatory compliance audits Phase I Environmental Assessments (ESA)

Vibration And Acoustic Testing Environmental Analysis - Acoustic audits in the environment surrounding operating facilities (NPC/MOE guidelines) - Identification of the sources of noise in the environment - Identification of noise attenuation measures to achieve compliance with NPC/MOE guidelines Equipment Analysis - Vibration analysis on rotating equipment bearings, rotating elements, foundations, compressors, fans, turbines, pumps, electric motors, gear boxes, etc. - Routine monitoring programs - Preventative maintenance planning

Occupational Health And Safety Services - Personal Dosimeter Testing for noise exposure under OSHA guidelines - Area noise testing

Environmental Management Systems (iso 14000) - Environmental performance audits - Environmental systems policy review