Consolidated Envirowaste Industries Inc.

Address: 27715 Huntingdon Rd.
Abbotsford, BC V4X 1B6

Mailling Address: 27715 Huntingdon Rd.
Abbotsford, BC V4X 1B6

Phone: (604) 856-6836

Toll Free: (800) 667-1942

Fax: (604) 856-5644

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Consolidated Envirowaste Industries Inc.

Consolidated Envirowaste Industries Inc. is a developer and
operator of organic waste recycling facilities that produce
salable end products. As the company grows and gains
expertise, it has been expanding into other related

Canadian Operations
Until 1996, the Company's Canadian operations comprised
all of its activities. These are primarily focused on the
construction and operation of organic composting facilities
independently, or through partnerships. Consolidated
Envirowaste Industries either owns or licenses organic
composting facilities which utilize the Company's unique in-
vessel composting technology.

Abbotsford, B.C.
In its Abbotsford, B.C. plant (near Vancouver), the
Company takes in organic wastes which are diverted from
land-fills and incinerators for a tipping fee. The plant takes
in and processes waste in up to 90 days, when it can be used
to produce high quality, 100% organic fertilizers, planting
mixes and soil amendments.

Winnipeg, Manitoba
The Red River Soils' acquisition opened new markets for
Consolidated Envirowaste's soil products by providing a
distribution hub in Winnipeg. Red River Soils supplies
packaged soil products to a number of national retail chain
stores in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Northern Ontario
including Home Depot, Walmart, Cotter Canada and
Canada Safeway.

Florida Operations
The Company is the dominant yard waste processor and
supplier to wood-burning incinerators in the State. Growth
is driven by acquisitions; the rising population base in the
areas served; and Government regulation. Consolidated
Envirowaste has contracts to process wood and yard waste
at 13 of the approximately 30 relatively large landfills in the

Company Details

Year Established: 1989

Total Sales ($CDN): $1 - $100,000

Number of Employees: 110

Company Information

Douglas Halward
Title: Chief Executive Officer
Area of Responsibility: Management Executive
Telephone: (604) 856-6836
Fax: (604) 856-5644

Rick Chase
Title: Vice President
Area of Responsibility: Management Executive
Telephone: (604) 856-6836
Fax: (604) 856-5644
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Horticultural Soil Products

Composting System
Proprietary, enclosed, mechanically agitated, horizontal channel, composting system complete with remote control operating system.


Processing Organic Waste Design, development, construction, own, operate organic waste processing facilities, includding in-vessel composting, of a very broad organic waste stream.