Cascade Aerospace Inc.

Address: 1337 Townline Rd.
Abbotsford, BC V2T 6E1

Mailling Address: 1337 Townline Rd.
Abbotsford, BC V2T 6E1

Phone: (604) 850-7372

Fax: (604) 557-2655

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Cascade Aerospace Inc.

Cascade Aerospace provides full services for the maintenance,
repair, overhaul and modification of commercial transport
aircraft, and currently specializes in all models of Boeing 737
and Boeing 757 aircraft.

Cascade's heavy maintenance services include:
- C and D Checks on all models of Boeing 737 aircraft (-200
through -900 series) and Boeing 757 aircraft (-200 and -300
- CPC and SSI programs;
- maintenance & engineering services to suit customer needs;
- maintenance planning;
- liaison engineering;

Our modification and reconfiguration services include:
- lap joint modifications;
- winglet installations;
- post-delivery modifications on Next Generation (NG)aircraft;
- Airworthiness directive & service bulletin modifications;
- avionics systems and flight deck upgrades;
- TCAS, FDR, EGPWS, Mode S,and GPS installations;
- In-flight entertainment (IFE) system installations
- new interiors & cabin class changes;
- aircraft painting.

As a Transport Canada Design Approval Authority and working
closely with OEMs, Cascade Aerospace offers custom-engineered
and certified modifcations, repairs and STC products. Cascade
has been involved in Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) product
development and certification for more than two decades and has
developed hundreds of STCs. From avionics upgrades to STC kits,
our aeronautical engineers draw on long-term experience to
design, build and certify aeronautical products to Canadian,
U.S., and European standards.

Cascade Aerospace is:
- a Design Approval Organization;
- an Approved Manufacturing Organization;
- an Approved Maintenance Organization;
- an Approved Training Organization;
- a Member of the Aerospace Industry Association of Canada
(AIAC), the Aerospace Industry Association of BC (AIABC), the
Canadian Aircraft Maintenance Council (CAMC) and the
International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading (ISTAT).

Company Details

Year Established: 1969

Number of Employees: 500

Company Information

David Schellenberg
Title: President
Telephone: (604) 850-7372
Fax: (604) 557-2655
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Michael Coughlin
Title: Executive Vice President
Telephone: (604) 850-7372
Fax: (604) 557-2655
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Barry Marsden
Title: Chief Executive Officer
Telephone: (604) 850-7372
Fax: (604) 557-2655
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Lorna Thomassen
Title: Marketing Manager
Area of Responsibility: Domestic Sales & Marketing, Export Sales & Marketing
Telephone: (604) 850-7372
Fax: (604) 557-2562
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Supplemental Type Certificate (stc) Kits

Aircraft Modification Modification of aircraft structures, systems, avionics, etc. Engineering design, certification (Transport Canada, FAA, JAA), prototyping, kit development and incorporation/modification, as required.

Aircraft Maintenance Complete airframe maintenance services for all models of Boeing 737 and Boeing 757 aircraft. Letter checks; SB's; AD's; SSIP; paint; avionics upgrades; interior refurbishment and reconfiguration, STC kit development, certification and incorporation; bridging inspections and livery changes; modifications

B737 And B757 Maintenance Complete airframe maintenance and modification services for B737 and B757 aircraft. Paint, interiors, avionics (GPS, EGPWS, TCAS, Mode S, ACARs installations), in-flight entertainment (IFE) system installations; Specializing in lease returns: bridging inspections and livery changes Turnkey management of engineering, international certification, parts procurement, maintenance and support services Letter checks, HMV's Modifications/AD/SB's including lap joint mod