C Y Consulting Services

Address: 212 19th Ave
Regina, SK S4N 1H1

Mailling Address: 212 19th Ave
Regina, SK S4N 1H1

Phone: (306) 546-4006

Fax: (306) 757-7682

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C Y Consulting Services

C Y Consulting Services is a unique initiative promoting the success of Aboriginal Peoples - past, present and future through various mediums, C Y Consulting Services serves as one of the predominant consulting businesses in Saskatchewan.

Encompassing special events and strategic communications coupled with the extensive knowledge of Aboriginal affairs, C Y Consulting Services ensures that there is a forum for Aboriginal perspectives. C Y Consulting Services is committed to serving the needs of Aboriginal people, and through continued support for Aboriginal Business.

C Y Consulting Services present the knowledge, foresight, and creativity for businesses specifically geared towards developing cross-cultural alliances and who enjoy world-class, reliable information.

C Y Consulting Services provides a wide variety of services including Special Events, Communication & Aboriginal Affairs, and specifically:

oSpecial Events
 Board of Directors & Planning Committee Development
 Funding Partnerships & Volunteer Alliances
 Event Day Planning, Coordination, Logistics & Production
 Final Reporting

o Communication
 Marketing
Advertising Design & Layout
Strategic Plans
Divisional Strategy & Management Issues
Project Reviews & Analysis
Advice on Protocol

 Media Relations & Promotional Material
Programmes, Newsletters & Posters
Brochures, Posters, & Menus
Business Cards
Corporate Reports
Web Development

o Aboriginal Affairs
 Business Development
 Business & Strategic Plans
 Project Proposals
 Cross-cultural workshops

Company Details

Company Information

Orenda Yuzicapi
Title: Partner/Associate
Telephone: (306) 546-4006
Fax: (306) 757-7682
Email: Click Here


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