Centre d'enseignement et de recherche en foresterie de Sainte-Foy inc.

Address: 2424, ch. Sainte-Foy
Quebec City, QC G1V 1T2

Mailling Address: 2424, ch. Sainte-Foy
Quebec City, QC G1V 1T2

Phone: (418) 659-4225

Fax: (418) 659-4226

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Website: http://www.cerfo.qc.ca


CERFO is the Centre d'enseignement (Teaching and Forestry Research Centre of Sainte-Foy Inc.). Early in the 1980s, the
Government of Qubec sponsored the creation of 'specialized
centres' of learning within some Qubec colleges. The
function of the specialized centres was to complement existing
research centres in applied research. The technological
transfer available to businesses strengthen the ties between
the colleges and their diverse clients. One result is a
better formation of students enrolled in the technical
programs of the regular sectors.

The Teaching and Forestry Research Centre of Sainte-Foy Inc.
was founded in 1984 by members of the Department of Forestry
Technology as well as representatives in the field of
forestry. In 1993, the specialized centres became
'Technological Transfer Centres'. CERFO is incorporated as a
non-profit organization. It works in concert with other
Qubec colleges teaching forestry. The Board of Directors of
CERFO comprises representatives of the forest industry and
members of the teaching profession. In addition, the Board
has the support of an advisory body of fourteen members.

The fundamental mandate of CERFO is to promote and support the
technological development of the forest industry. The Centre
fulfills its mission in the following four sectors of

applied research
technological transfer
in-house training
specialized communications.

Over the years CERFO has developed a solid expertise in the
sphere of forest activities:

forest planning
applied forestry
ecology in forestry
geographical information systems
wood processing.

The Centre stands ready to offer high standard professional
services. It can conceive and supply training services for
research, or the most advanced transfer of technology.

Digitizing Tables
GIS Workstations

Software Packages
Computer-aided Drafting/Design
Data Base Management

Company Details

Year Established: 1984

Total Sales ($CDN): $1,000,000 - $5,000,000

Number of Employees: 25

Company Information

Louis Hamel
Title: General Manager
Telephone: (418) 659-4225
Fax: (418) 659-4226


Consulting Engineer - Forest/Fish/Agrltr-veneer/Plywood/Part. Mill

Land/Geographical Information
Processing and Consulting

Training In Geomatics

Consulting Engineer - Forest/Fish/Agrltr-logging


Consulting Engineer - Forest/Fish/Agrltr-hard/Soft Board Mills

Consulting Engineer - Forest/Fish/Agrltr-paper Mills

Consulting Engineer - Forest/Fish/Agrltr-forestry

Consulting Engineer - Forest/Fish/Agrltr-sawmills

Technology Transfer Appllied research, technical counsel and training services in forest management, forest operations and forest products