Beijing Hengju Canada Ltd.

Address: 2608-33 King St
York, ON M9N 3R7

Mailling Address: 2608-33 King St
York, ON M9N 3R7

Phone: (416) 838-7294

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Beijing Hengju Canada Ltd.

Beijing Hengju manufactures and supplies special water soluble acrylate based polymers for paper, wastewater treatment, potable water, mineral processing, sugar and oilfield industries.
Our products a full range of acrylate based water soluble polymers with the trade name HENGFLOC, are produced in both Beijing, our companys headquarters, and Shanghai with a total powder polymer capacity of 85,000 tons/year. With our own microbiological technology, we can produce high quality crystal acrylamide, which enables our range of ultra high molecular weight (26 million) polymers to be produced.
Beijing Hengju is an ISO 9001and ISO 14001 System Certified Company.

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Michael Maxu
Title: Business Manager
Area of Responsibility: Domestic Sales & Marketing
Telephone: (416) 838-7294
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Polyacrylamide,Water Treatment Polymers


Organic Flocculant And Coagulant

Sludge De-watering Reagent