Beausjour Peat Moss Inc.

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Grand-Barachois, NB E4P 8V1

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Grand-Barachois, NB E4P 8V1

Phone: (506) 532-6408

Fax: (506) 532-9839

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Beausjour Peat Moss Inc.

Beausejour Peat Moss Inc. harvests high quality peat moss for
the domestic and international markets. Peat moss contributes
porosity, structure and moisture retention capacity to any grow-
ing medium. The long, clean fibers of Beausejour Peat contri-
bute to greater retention of structure within the material.
This results in the material not breaking down as is the case
of peat moss with a finer structure.
Beausejour Peat Moss produced over 200,000 bales of peat in
only it's third year of production. This is one sixth of
eventual production levels. Reserves of peat moss are pro-
jected for well over one hundred years.
Mr. Paul-Emile Leger, founder and sole owner of Beausejour Peat
Moss Inc., sees the long-term objective of his company as the
production of a quality growing medium, in an environmentally
sound manner, while creating a long-term family business. For
his efforts in establishing this company, Mr. Leger recently
received an award as business man of the year.

Beausejour Organic Products Inc. (1994) will produce compost in
1995 from peat moss and organic waste materials. Farm waste,
food waste, fish processing waste and other organic bulking
agents will form the compost feed stock. For the 1995 season
this product will be available in bulk only. Future plans call
for distribution of the product in consumer-ready bags.
The objective of this second company in the 'Beausejour Group'
is to provide nutrient rich soil amendments produced under
rigid quality controls. An organic waste disposal service will
provide the feed stock for the composting process.
The combination of these two companies has created an environ-
mentally sound use of peat moss which is a valuable natural
resource. The compost based soil amendments will contain no
more than twenty percent (20%) peat moss. This combination has
the potential to extend peat reserves for generations, if not

Company Details

Year Established: 1991

Total Sales ($CDN): $500,000 - $1,000,000

Number of Employees: 35

Company Information

Paul Emile Lger
Title: Owner
Area of Responsibility: Management Executive

Paul-emile Leger
Title: Chief Executive Officer
Area of Responsibility: Management Executive
Telephone: (506) 532-6408
Fax: (506) 532-9839


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