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Bastion Security

Bastion Security Teams are designed for global deployment in
high-risk situations and/or remote sites where external
assistance in response to threats is effectively non-existent,
whether it be due to poor response time of local police or
security forces, or a lack of police or security forces. The
modular structure of the Security teams allows seamless
integration with existing security measures. If there are no
existing security measures, Bastion Security will advise on the
most effective security measures, ranging from short-term
deployment of the required security teams to full-scale long-term
operations. The services are scalable by nature to allow
quick-response to rapidly changing threat levels and a fluid

Security operations utilize an intelligence-led approach to
predict under which conditions potential threats will manifest
themselves and against which targets, allowing effective
deployment of Security Teams. High Risk security operations can
only be effective when the Protection Teams have adequate time to
formulate plans to counter the expected and probable threats.
Mutual support by Bastion Security Teams increases the
effectiveness of the main protection force by providing advance
warning of unexpected or random threats and provides a quick
reaction to enhance protection in the event of surprise or random

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Year Established: 1997

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Douglas Konzuk
Title: Director of Operations
Area of Responsibility: Management Executive
Telephone: (403) 708-9471
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Physical Asset Security

Personal Protection Operations in which the primary objective is to provide close protection of a threatened individual in times and locations of high risk. Secondary objectives concern themselves with the safety and security of the individuals, groups or organizations which are associated with the targetted individual, such as family, friends, business associates and innocents who are at risk or would be affected as a result of any threats manifesting themselves against their target. The duration and scope of personal protection tasks is highly dependent on the threat level and can range from uninterrupted 24 / 7 protection as long as necessary, to specific times or locations such as transport, threatened events or while in high-risk or remote locations.

Security Intelligence The primary objective of Security Intelligence Teams is the identification of threats, both current and potential, as well as the prediction of which targets these threats will manifest themselves against, when and how. The secondary objective is to deny information to any threats which are in the process of identifying and evaluating likely targets, or in the planning phases, to dramatically reduce the chances of success or outright dissuade them from manifesting themselves against their chosen target(s). Accurate and timely intelligence on current threats is essential to allow the Security Team sufficient time to plan for and counter these threats. Threat modelling aims to predict the conditions which must exist, or the extent that current conditions must change, to turn potential threats into current threats, allowing the Security Team sufficient time to adapt to a changing situation and source, ready, and ultimately incorporate necessary resources into the Security Team.

Intellectual Asset Security Intellectual assets are those information based assets which may have a mental, physical, verbal, electronic, or other form and may benefit unauthorized individuals or organizations, whether it is obtained through observation, duplication, interception, or other means. The primary objective of Intellectual Security Operations is to deny access to stored (short or long term) or transmitted information to those who are not authorized to access this information. The secondary objective is to ensure that those who are authorized do have access to the assets when required.