BOMA Environmental & Safety Inc.

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Winnipeg, MB R3J 0P7

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BOMA Environmental & Safety Inc.

BOMA Environmental & Safety Inc. (BOMA E&S) is a consulting
company specializing in environmental management and occupational health and safety issues. Incorporated in 1996, BOMA E&S provides a broad range of environmental and safety services including environmental assessment/audit/licencing of a process, facility or site; environmental impact assessment; water/wastewater
treatment; air pollution control and modeling;
emission source testing; air/water/groundwater monitoring;
solid/hazardous waste management and landfill investigation;
risk assessment and management; pollution prevention and waste
reduction; indoor air quality; industrial risk assessment and
management; fire safety plans and investigation; occupational
safety; WHMIS program development and implementation and
environmental and analytical chemistry and training. Involved in
environmental and industrial safety projects both nationally and
internationally, BOMA E&S offers the expertise companies need to
reduce liability, risks and costs associated with environmental
compliance and occupational health and safety regulatory

BOMA E&S employs professional engineers and scientists certified
in their respective fields.

BOMA E&S maintaines membership in the Air and Waste Management
Association, Western Canada Water and Wastewater Association,
National Fire Protection Association and the Association of the
Chemical Profession of Ontario.

Company Details

Year Established: 1996

Number of Employees: 3

Company Information

Dinko Tuhtar
Title: President
Area of Responsibility: Management Executive
Telephone: (204) 889-5275
Fax: (204) 889-2348
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Environmental Products And Services

Characterize Air Emission Discharges And Estimate/Measure Ambient Air Quality.
BOMA Environmental & Safety Inc. provides an integrated approach to the protection of the environment, including ambient air quality, from effects of industrial processes/facilities. The steps involved include: inventory of all sources of air emissions and their control, characterization of sources of air emissions by sampling and analyzing air streams, comparison of emission concentrations and loads with regulatory levels, and modeling of air emission dispersion to estimate contaminant concentrations in ambient air at various receptor points. If modeled concentrations appear to be exceeding or close to the regulatory levels, an ambient air quality survey for contaminants of interest is conducted to confirm/refute the calculated levels in ambient air. The results of ambient air quality survey are then used to control air emission sources to ensure compliance with regulatory levels for ambient air quality in the vicinity of the industrial facility. In conducting the air emission and ambient air testing BOMA E&S uses the current Canadian and US EPA standard methods and guidelines, including appropriate quality assurance/quality control programs.

Quantitative Risk Assessment.
BOMA Environmental & Safety Inc. provides quantitative risk assessments to decision-makers in charge of such activities as siting new developments and remediating contaminated sites. The risk assessment methodology is based on the generally accepted four-stage process of 1) hazard identification, 2) exposure assessment, 3) toxicity assessment and 4) risk characterization. Applied to the above problem this general methodology would include investigation of which chemicals at the old industrial site may be present and selecting the ones that have potential for causing health effects; estimating the exposure to the selected chemicals by construction workers and residents of the planned residential development; toxicity assessment for each selected chemical (i.e. dose-response relationship) to arrive at quantitative numbers required for risk calculation; and estimating the magnitude of risk and the degree of uncertainty for all exposure scenarios. The decision-makers can then make informed, scientifically-based decisions on the proposed residential development taking also into consideration other important factors such as public concern and attitude, economic, and legal, in a process termed 'risk management.'

Indoor Air Quality Assessment.
BOMA Environmental & Safety Inc. employs two generic methodologies in conducting indoor air quality assessments. One is a comprehensive, systems-based approach to solving the problem of indoor air quality, that addresses all important features of an indoor air quality problem, while the other is a site-specific modular approach applicable to particular indoor air quality/ventilation concern. The systems approach considers effects of indoor air pollutants sources of indoor air pollution and the means of their control to ensure that the negative effects of contaminants in indoor air are either absent or reduced to some acceptable levels. The modular approach includes one or more of the following investigations: indoor ventilation/comfort investigation; real-time screening investigation of chemical and microbiological parameters; regulatory compliance investigation (STEL and TWA) for indoor air quality parameters indicated as 'red-flag' in the screening investigation; a survey (including sampling and analysis if necessary) of all potential hazardous substances in the building (e.g. asbestos, radon, lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium, nickel, PCBs). A remedial plan is typically developed should the modular investigation indicate an indoor air quality problem. In conducting indoor air quality assessments BOMA E&S employs standard methods and guidelines validated by regulatory and professional agencies (e.g. Manitoba Environment, Canada Health, OSHA, NIOSH, ACGIH).


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